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Witch Doctor
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I'm down sounds like a solid time and I'm tired of public games all day lol. Just really got into my WD but its plenty fun and I've enjoyed each build I've tried so far. 0 dog is insane hah!
back to the top... and updated
i created a clan named Paranhas.
everyone is welcome to join in ptv and see how it works....
I read that there are some bugs atm with clans and communities on ptr and beta. I gave up on ptr because it runs like crap for me and I dont get to test anything withought getting the boot. I suggested it because it would cause problems for me and others I'm sure. The roster would allow us to reach out to many people. I'm not a clan only snob but I do co-lead in mine and i'm not going anywhere. Having said that I would miss out on the roster and chat acces to a class that I have played since day one and still consider my main if it was setup as a clan.
12/16/2013 05:26 PMPosted by Orion
Is that Mumble any good for doing things like this? I looked at teamspeak - don't think it's free.
Mumble said it was free - I got headphones - can I just download the program and use it?
Doctor Soul - yep that's a good name.

I used mumble on macbook and I couldn't lower the volume on my headset. It has different chatrooms in a server.
Skype and Axom is better in "software quality".

12/16/2013 05:40 PMPosted by Kaotik
I read that there are some bugs atm with clans

i am sure that there are still bugs here and there.
I saw a player wearing a helm without an icon (it has a default icon saying "I need an icon" )... very horrible..

I started the clan but only Reaper666 is on it right now. It's not top of my list but everyone can join and see how it goes.
O crap. Joined other guild last week. We are not allowed to join more than 1, are we?
count me in............Wrecker #1852
I would like in the clan
The community feature seems pretty bare bones right now and it's annoying to have to join chat everytime I relogin. It might be sufficient for what we need it for though.
Count me in im a wd through and through
on my 3rd wd.... ill join

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