Toad of Hugeness..RoS ?

Witch Doctor
is that all ?
Toad of Hugeness - Now digests for 29% damage per second (up from 20%)


Must be like this

Toad of Hugeness - Now digests 3 enemys for 200% damage per second (up from 20%)

Just a dream :P
I really think he should have a "chance to swallow" or something like that.
Some suggestions for this almost useless thingy:

a. Make this toad permanent (like Zombie Dogs) till it gets killed.

b. It can follow the WD by hopping around; and this will have the effect of the Barbarian's Stomp.

c. Give this chap the ability to spit poison tadpoles at the enemies. Yah, make him tanky with AoE attacks ;p

d. When the WD is at very low health, this toad shall have the intelligence to swallow its master for say, 5 seconds, and then spit the WD out at full health!!!!!

BTW, will Spiders get a buff?

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