Reviving My Wd. Iso Cob help

Witch Doctor
I have started playing my Wd agian. Was an acidcloud speedfarming build. I have swapped to a Cloud of bats build. I seem to be stuck at mp7. Mp8 I die a good bit more than I would like but is doable.

What should I be looking for to be able to do higher Mp level with this build?
you should be able to run mp7-8 fine ur ehp stats are a lil bit low but i think ur build is whats holding u back. for staters u need to get urself 1 piece of pick up radius it will do u wonders add it to either ur boots or ur belt. after u do that ur gonna wanna drop ur passive spiritual atonement for gruesome feast(real nice ehp and dps.) then drop sacrifice and zombie dogs from ur skills and add 2 of these 3 skills.

big bad voodoo(slam dance rune)
mass confusion(paranoia rune)
hex(jinx rune)

when u drop dogs and sac u will have room for 2 of these. i like hex and bbv but any 2 of the 3 will work just fine. u at this point have a bunch of stuff for mana regen and ur using a skorn its counter productive and unnecessary. gruesome feast will also help refill ur mana while ur killing enemys.

then if u wanna farm mp10 all u have to do is add about 5-10k hp, 30-50k dps, 150-200 all resist and ur armor is ok for a skorn build.

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