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sorry if this isn't allowed here, I'm not sure... anyway, if anybody knows a lot try to figure this one out...

anyway, I got home from work today and everything was fine. Keyboard was on the couch and a friend of mine triped over the cord. I noticed later neither my mouse nore keyboard worked from the front USB ports they were plugged into. I switched the mouse to a USB port on back and it said failed to load drive. I reset the computer and it tells me Windows failed to load and wants me to repair. If I continue windows looks like it's going to start, but just before the login screen I get a BSoD and the computer restarts. I've done everything. Safemode gets the same thing, system restore didn't do anything, memory diagnostic didn't either, tried chkdsk, and pretty much every option available. I unplugged all the usb devices and same thing. I think when he tripped onh the cords it mesed something in the hardware up... the metal around the usb port is a litle bent on the front of the computer. I'm not really hardware/computer savvy but it must be the driver? is it a hardware thing in this case with the mouse and keyboard? I cannot get my computer to start. Any help would be much appreciated!

also I have 2 HDDs that are mirrored and when I try to boot to the backup it says it's inaccessible and that windows can't load, and wants me to insert the install disk for repairs options, so that is useless. also mouse and keyboard work at repair screen.
my computer had those same symptoms. i thought it was my ram but isn't.
i think you have corrupted graphics/audio driver.
i tried reinstalling my graphics drivers, audio drivers...and eventually updated.
try clean install...removing copies of your old grpahics/audio drivers when reinstalling them.
seemed to work.

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