Any one have a gg calamity?

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hey all, didnt wanna make one of these topics in this forum, but figured might as well ask. Decided to try out a calamity build, but for that, i need to find a gg calamity. dont like the ones on the AH at the moment, so i welcome any and all sellers, at reasonable prices plz
Check out myn, make an offer.
its nice keogh, but the one i found on AH is better im afraid, sry
Not trying to troll but wouldn't a lower tiered one be appropriate here since you are not familiar with it. I started with a socketless one in the 900dps range and upgraded it about 5 times until I found a good one over a year ago. You may not like it too, just a thot.
As stated^ if you've never run a calamity build, buy one of those cheap no socket ones for a test run, because even though you're geared sweet the playstyle is different. if you dig it, then shoot for godly.
i'de rather not upgrade in piecemail though, and even though i have not played with calamity before, the playstyle is similar to my current one, where i do stutter step, and dodge alot, as well as be able to tank and rapid fire edps alot. I am very familiar with the builds and the playstyle, i am simply trying to do a good comparison between my gg manticore build with a gg calamity build, hence i need a gg one. i did manage to earlier buy a 1340 base with 90 cd and 11 ias from the AH without about 1.8b gold or so, but even with the red gem inside it, i lost a ton of paper dps (went down to 350k), and the edps did not accomodate the change, so either i need a better calamity, or its just not for me
To take full advantage of the calamity you must stack average damage as high as you can. Doing so takes advantage of the 40-50% damage buff on the calamity. Get high damage% .

Also, when equipping calamity you flip your Archery bump from cd to cc. A nat ring with very high crit damage and no crit chance will score better for you.

That 1340 base / 90 cd calamity is VERY good. With a stack of average damage in your rings and ammy you should be able to test whether the calamity is a better fit for your play than your manticore.
1358 base 84 CD 46 %damage 11 IAS here
the average damage is high, as for my others equips, i believe they all work rather well in terms of damage, and cc and cd, it just wasnt working very well it seems, dunno what else to do with it in terms of my current build. cant find any pieces of equips better than my current items, nor have i been able to craft any better ones as of yet unfortunately
the average damage is high, as for my others equips, i believe they all work rather well in terms of damage

A 1340/90cd calamity would prolly give me 490-500k DPS. A step down but not the 60k drop (from a lower starting point) that you are seeing. Just trying to figure out why.
same, i mean in all respects it should not go down by that much, and yet it does. Only thing i can see is that my manticore carries with it dexterity, so i am losing dexterity. and without the extra socket, i am losing the cd that i get by having a emerald as well as the ruby. but in return i am receiving 1 extra attack per second, as my atk speed goes from 2.08 to 3.09. but with 350k dps vs the 411k dps i have now with only 2.08 atk speed, the edps does not catch up to my manticore build, which is strange since in all respects it should be surpassing it.

also losing the 50 percent buff from archery, which is also factored into the analysis
did you actually calculate edps by trying on like mp10 ghom or something and timing it?
another good thing about calamity though is that u do gain disc. much more reliably than a manticore allowing you to be more safe as it allows you to keep up sp permanently.
gosu: first thing i did actually. ghom took me almost double the amount of time to dps down with the calamity than it did with my manticore
Here's a little info.

When you switch to calamity you will find a loss in damage. I went from 340k (manti) down to 290k (cala)

in order to get the most damage from a calamity, get a really good pair of zuni boots with 8% poison and decent stats.
switch to nats cloak to keep the chc set bonus and learn to do some serious stutter stepping, doing it with a manticore is not as fast as calamity, so try a cheap one first

You will lose damage unless you get GG nat chest and GG zuni boots
You will also lose some eHP. manticore is not a black weapon, so the zuni boots are not effective for it like they are for calamity.
I use a gg calamity, ran me 2.5bil. But I can't part with it, just want to give you an idea of value for something like mine.
crazy: thanks for the info, i do actually have some gg zuni boots on my witch doctor atm, but its int rather than dex, so yeh... lol
You're gonna have to change several gears, imo, to do a proper comparison. Calamity needs average damage on all jewelry and high cd. So, all your jewelry and gloves need to be changed.

EDIT: gloves maybe not so much, looked again and those are pretty good.

Also, i think the zuni boots may not be that huge a factor (also because you have zero avg dmg on your current gear), your nats are gg. Zuni boots will make a huge difference with a windforce though, w/ archery.

You also gain MfD with the calamity, and 10% cc vs 50% cd with archery, which you forgot to mention in your own comparison of weapon switches.

Biggest difference i notice in switching is the attack speed, with translates into faster hatred regen and disc regen w/ nightstalker and the added cc. Combat feels more fluid when you're not in fountain mode.

Oh and drop perfectionist already.. cull the weak or steady aim.. come on dude.
Selling my calamity and Zuni's boots :

1352.4 Dps
284 min
371 max
47% Dmg
11 ias

Zuni boots:
8% poison dmg
197 Dex
90 vit
80 res
The new Calamity that drops in the next patch does the MFD that you place on your skill bar and affects every single enemy that you hit.

Current one is bad compared to the new one.

Go look at the AH and you can see a huge drastic drop in price for 1.3k+ with sockets, people are trying to sell it before the next patch comes.
The new Calamity that drops in the next patch does the MFD that you place on your skill bar and affects every single enemy that you hit.

What does the Marked for Death on the skill bar give me besides 20 or 30 seconds of 12% damage bump instead of 2 or 3 second event life? Does "affects every single enemy that you hit" mean 100% proc?

This is a small bump to the least important reason to own a Calamity. I already mark 49% and a significant percentage of those marked die within the 2 or 3 second event life we currently get. If they live on they get another mark quite quickly. Better, yes. Panic sale better? Doesn't look like it to me right now.

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