I want to buy bats WD set 300k dps

Witch Doctor
Leave me a message on here or add me on D3 LeTzCuTuP#1411
You can build a WD with close to 200 k dps for 2 bil. Depends on how patient you are + what kind of crafts you have and if you want to go 2 hander or 1 hander + mojo.

If you can't find one to buy I'd be happy to assist you in purchasing gears.
If you wouldn't mind, that would be cool I don't have much time to be camping AH because I am constintally running around to formations, add me LeTzCuTuP#1411
Yeah, no problem! I'm at work now so it will have to be later, around 10:00pm est.
I may still be up, shoot me an friend request, and we will go from there, I appreciate it

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