Need help with build please!

Demon Hunter
Can someone please help with the build for my DH? I don't have much $$ (75M), but I'm mostly trying to maximize a build for what equipment I DO have. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

I'm kind of newb to much of this, so please no abbreviations..
Your gear is decent but your build is a little off I think. Let's start with your passives. Grenadier is virtually useless with your build unless you like using it to drop a bomb on death so change it to something like Archery. It will grant you 50% Critical hit damage. I prefer Vengeance in this case though as Hatred and discipline regeneration from health globes is pretty nice. Now for your Discipline generation. Either change your preparation rune to Punishment or Battle Scars or Replace it with vault-tumble. Vault is fantastic for positioning. Getting rid of Preparation will let you use Night Stalker very well as you already have the discipline reduction use from Perfectionist. It will have a chance to grant you discipline on critical hits. I have no clue how high your attack speed increase is, but your bat companion is very good for hatred at 3 per second. For a Rapid Fire, you can use High Velocity or Bombardment instead if you don't like your current rune. Bola Shot is nice and the stun rune is very good. You can switch to Volatile Explosives though if you want more area of effect damage. Your other skills are fine the way they are. Sadly I'm posting from my iPad so I can't really look better at your gear. If your Manticore has Life Steal, keep it. If not, try to find one with two sockets and Life Steal for as cheap as you can get. Get Dexterity on your necklace and ring unless they already have great offensive stats. You can take a look at my Demon Hunter's build too as I feel it gets the job done for me. Let me know if this helps you out at all.
You've done a good job getting your resists, life, and armor to a good level. I don't see any inherent problems with your gearing or build, other than grenadier obviously. Archery is probably your best option in place of it.

I've tried all the Bola runes and I only prefer Thunderball with a very fast attack speed build using a Calamity. If you want to stick to a Manticore I'd recommend Bola Volatile Explosives, due to the way the area of a circle is calculated it covers about 50% more area which is huge. Imminent Doom isn't bad either, but I don't like the delay personally.

I love Rapid Fire Fire Support, it is a good choice, nothing burns down single targets faster. If you are having any difficulty with survivability and keeping mobs at distance you might like and want to try Web Shot, it's only a slight decrease in damage and the slow is great.

What follower are you using? The scoundrel with a cold SoJ or Tal Rasha's amulet with his Multishot ability is amazing for keeping mobs slowed and either a Buriza for the freeze or a Windforce for the Knockback are great. With followers primary stats are most important, for the scoundrel Dex and Vitality, attack speed is useful too, and they also benefit more from secondary stats than players.
Oh, sorry for abbreviations, SoJ is Stone of Jordan.

If I were you I'd also swap out the ruby in your helm for an amethyst. The experience gain is minimal but the life gain is significant.

If you haven't tried a Windforce I'd recommend it too, it's a lot of fun and synergizes well with Fire Support and the higher attack speed is good for Thunderball if you want to stick with it. Unless you've got 2B to spend on a Manticore you aren't going to get that much more DPS for ~50-100M with a Manticore over a Windforce and you'll get build in lifesteal.
Thanks Inferi and Merlin for your help. I'll make some of those changes and post back with results.

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