Does my Offhand DPS affect my overall DPS?

Demon Hunter
Hey Guys. Im rather new to Diablo 3, and recently started a Demon Hunter. Im sorry, im sure this topic has been brought up a million times by now, but i cant find a good definition. Sometimes people say it depends on the Class, sometimes it is affected by the Skills, and others claim it makes no difference what so ever.

Long Story short: If im using Two 1 Handed Crossbows, will i get a Dmg Boost becauce of the Off-Hands DPS? Or will the Game only count the Stats on the Off Hand? Using a Quiver will give me much more damage most of the time, compared to a second 1 Handed Crossbow. If i switch the Slots of the X-Bows though, it doesnt affect my dps in any way...which means there is no real "Offhand" when using two Crossbows? Well, its kinda confusing, hearing all of these rumors. Perhaps i should simply go "Argh, screw it, ill just use a Bow / 2handed Crossbow and a Quiver."
Main hand damage won't be effected by the damage on the off-hand. Only the stats of the off-hand.

Your DPS is averaged between the two hand crossbows when your firing a basic arrow.
Ah, thanks for clearing that up. :)
So when you use skills, the crossbows alternate. Some people try to take advantage of this by using "heavy hitter" skills on the main hand. I can be hard to keep track of sometimes.
^ to elaborate on Nyan's statement: Some skills (mostly skills that you shoot projectiles one after another) will alternate between both crossbows, whilst some skills will use the crossbow that's about to be fired with next. A couple of skills will only ever be cast using the mainhand crossbow.

So, yes, in general terms, the DPS over time is mostly averaged between the two crossbows. The DPS that the game displays is the average DPS between both hands For more in-dept dual-wielding guide, RedCell has an excellent thread here:

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