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I think I am gonna call my MF pre-ROS monk "done," as I just can't stomach anymore AH searches. Check out my monk profile, I would love to get critiques, feedback, etc.

My goal is to have capped 300%MF in ROS with follower, and farm whichever low difficulty makes the most sense (probably torment 1). I know this equates to only 30% more sets and legendaries, but I think even that wouldn't be too bad, plus there would be tons of rares. I stacked as many percentages and sockets as possible since they have best scaling at 70. I will likely need to replace at least a couple pieces, just to get those massive dex/vit rolls. I am looking in particular at cain's set, which would be nice.

Rough estimate of stats at 70 with only legacy gear and follower (no paragon). Assuming rerolls to either 400 dex or 400 vit (not sure how accurate that is atm):

DPS: Not sure, maybe 1.5 million? From what I have seen these weapons can reroll to like 1.8-2k
44.5% crit chance
723% crit damage (with 130% emeralds)
2.76 attk/sec
1000 resist all (diamonds in sockets)
6500 armor (with STI, low I know for ROS)
180k life (super low, but with high life%, will only take a couple 70s to get to +350k)
- 7% damage from elites
+ 9% elite damage
300% MF

Sun keeper- reroll holy damage (+50%)
Echoing fury - reroll min/max (+40%)

Mempo - All resist
Witching hour - Intelligence
Inna's temperance - Dexterity
Lacuni's - Movement speed
Amulet - Strength
Ring - Vitality
Ring - Damage
Gloves - Strength/int

Tal's chest - Int/vit
Vile wards - Life regen
Ice climbers - Strength/vit

It will be all about moving quickly and plowing through low difficulties. Thinking something like:
Blazing fists
Wall of light
Inner storm
Air ally
Way of falling star

Fleet footed
Seize the initiative
Exalted soul

This would give around 10 spirit per second with follower. Most packs should drop after a few attacks and a couple bells. For elites, could probably cast like 5 wall of lights in a row with air ally activation. With all the move speed bonuses, this should be very fast.
I disagree. More kills = more drop . Its not Diablo 2 =/
While you have the right idea that MF will be at a premium...and that having some MF will be helpful (now I'm gambling on KingKongor's word...not the most reliable source yet the fool makes a good point, he stated that even with as little as 70-100 extra MF it does pay off in the long run...if it doesn't cripple your character in game).

Looking at your plan seems a bit could work but then again my strategy is different.

Here are the items I'm taking into RoS with the hope to enchant at LVL 70 on one key affix to make the item viable on Torment 1 at least.

WH Belt, with high CD roll, +Life or Armor, high MF obviously and 1-2 RNG rolls that can be re-rolled into high main stat. Such a belt while nothing new will still be useful I believe at LVL 70 in Torment 1.

Lacuni's with 5+CC chance or higher, high MF, any main stat. (enchant main stat later to LVL 70)

Rare ring...either high guadfecta with MF (but those are insanely priced of rolled right), so I'd opt for the "cheaper" option...high Average Damage, high CD, high CC, high MF and any main stat that can be re-rolled. I was very fortunate to snag a sick ring with those stats and a throw away VIT roll for 99M. So once you enchant the main stat at LVL 70 you basically have a sick damage ring either way should be useful.

Rare ammy...(same as the rare ring). I myself found a decent one for 50M but getting a high trifecta with MF is darn near impossible these days, either they are snatched up or just not being sold at the AH.

Pants - Depth Diggers with high VIT (think 180+) and 2 sockets....or Blackthorne Pants with high AR roll and 2 sockets. Either one should work. Decent EHP, the sockets would be great for high diamond gems to give it sick AR (apparently the way to go in RoS) and you can enchant the main stat on either item at LVL 70.

Chest - Tal's Chest with high VIT (200+, 9IAS, and high MF) I was very lucky to snatch one simply take that throw away INT roll and re-roll that into DEX at LVL 70.

Last but not least...set ring Nats in our case...although surely a better option will be found by all of us...a good way to go until then is to look for high CD, high DEX, high MF with a throw away roll on it. You simply enchant that into CC or VIT at LVL 70. I was able to secure a 9/50 with 100+ DEX and 20MF for 50M the other day.

Again, all this could be for nothing, we could find better items right away and just go that route but if you want to "gamble" on MF items pre-RoS with the hope of using them in RoS to farm Torment 1 at least and still be viable in game...that seems to be the list that I find best so far.
I think this COULD be viable but the double legendary bonuses from torment will probably outweigh this. So farming norm wont be worth it as a 30% bonus when you will get 50% just from torment
12/26/2013 09:14 AMPosted by morbid
I think this COULD be viable but the double legendary bonuses from torment will probably outweigh this. So farming norm wont be worth it as a 30% bonus when you will get 50% just from torment

Actually as it stands now...farming high Torment difficulties in beta is really hard without OP broken builds...

Most streamers (and again I'm using KingKongor as example here) play on Torment 1.

Pretty sure the efficiency of Torment 1 with lets say (100% extra MF on your gear) will be better than struggling to stay alive and kill fast on Torment 5.

Of course over time, as you find nice new upgrade items you can replace your MF gear and move up the Torment level scale (which is end game anyways)...if you can efficiently farm Torment 5 yes there would be no need for MF....but how long will it take you to get there and how fast?
I'd just stick with MF rolls that you can currently get. In ROS 300MF is only going to give you 30% increased legendary find.

This is my MF monk as of right now without any rerolls:

221% MF
Amiar that's.... awesome!

Have you done any testing in ptr? I see 0 spirit regen, can you make up for that with resource cost reduction?

I have sterted doing the same but basically ran out of gold building my archon wiz.
@Jack. I know I don't have any SR. I'd have to do a DW build, and if I reeeeeally wanted to I could go sun keeper/shield. I havent tested it much on ptr, but it's a decent setup so far :)
Sweet, just found a mempo with crit chance AND magic find. I don't even know how it existed. Can reroll the all resist for dex =)

Thanks for input guys. Supes you think nat's combo has more potential than ice climber's and a rare ring? I would find that a little hard to believe, but I haven't run the numbers yet.
The problem with this idea is that you're assuming you have access to the same legendaries on normal that you do on Torment difficulty. This isn't the case. There are legendaries (a fair amount of them) that ONLY drop on Torment difficulty. And at least until they do a tuning pass, even doing Torment I at a decent pace requires top level gear. Furthermore, you will be EXTREMELY limited in the amount of stats you get if you try to use all level 60 gear with one stat reroll. You'll have more IAS and probably more CD, but even rares at 70 more than double the amount of dex/vit that well rolled level 60 legendaries have. The same goes for armor: a normal rare chest at level 70 will run between 550 and 800 armor, while at 60 you're looking at around half of that. You might be able to get away with that in normal, but anything higher than that (or running in a group) will probably get you killed.

Frankly, theorycrafting legendary farming is pretty pointless until we know what kind of tuning Torment will actually have. Right now, the HP/damage values are through the roof, but HP values haven't changed since they removed crushing blow/nerfed damage rolls on weapons. I'd expect a decent HP nerf, and possibly a damage output nerf for Torment in general. If there's a significant HP nerf (30% or so) then suddenly just using level 70 gear with an MF gem in your helm will most likely be the best option.
edit: Confirmed even lvl70 Nagelring rolls only 10% MF. I'm confused because this makes it even harder to reach the MF cap now. Simply lower the amount of MF from Loot 2 gear by 90% from all my posts below. If the set bonus for Litany&Wailing is intact, then that could add 5% more MF now than a Nagelring.

I made a post about RoS MF and a couple problems it currently has.

I mentioned that with the removal of assignable Paragon MF points in the latest PTR/Beta patch (though a move I support 100%) there now seems to be a shortage of either 1 additional MF item or Topaz should be buffed in order to be able to reach the currently existing 300% MF cap.

I also mentioned that in order to combat the problem of MF gear swapping (and perhaps some other swapping as well such as immunity rings/amulets which also break the game) the effects of for example MF should be added gradually over time over 50 seconds to gain the full 100% effect after equipping said items.

12/25/2013 09:13 PMPosted by Sheldor
My goal is to have capped 300%MF in ROS with follower, and farm whichever low difficulty makes the most sense.

I think it will be possible to farm at least T1 with a full MF gear set without losing in efficiency. I also think that before the game is released, the higher difficulties (at least up to T1) will yield better rewards than the lower ones.

You will definitely gain more gear and xp by using at least the Cain's set. There will be no reason not to wear at least the Cain's set for the combined effect it has on both loot and xp. But there are some special set bonuses or a combination of set bonuses and additional special legendary affixes that can't be achieved simultaneously with the Cain's set.

Here's what you can hope to achieve currently, although I think the MF itemization isn't completed yet.

41% MF Flawless Royal Topaz
100% MF Nagelring
100% MF Cain's set
50% Bonus XP Cain's set

100%(20% MF Nagelring on follower)

This is 261% MF with Loot 2 gear.

Let's add more legacy MF gear for follower.

45% (9% MF Amulet)
30% (6% MF Legacy Nagelring)
45% (9% MF Sun Keeper)
20% (4% MF Shield)

We're now at 289% MF with the help of Legacy MF gear on follower with perfect rolls on everything.

I think something more will be added in order to make the cap reachable.

But in the mean time you could consider buying 1 or 2 rerollable legacy items in the range of 40% MF to be able to reach the cap. Consider the gear slots that these items will require. There's also Ring of Royal Grandeur, which lowers the requirement for set bonuses by 1 item. Something like 9/50 WH, 6ChC Lacuni, ~30% Amulet could be decent choices as rerollable MF items. It will be easier to reroll rare items.
12/27/2013 04:42 AMPosted by dominatus
100% MF Nagelring

Pretty sure Nagelring has been severely nerfed in regards to MF in the current version of the Beta. It's more like 10% now and not 100%.

As for the overall plan, I'm not sure how efficient it is to go for it, at least at the start. Getting the right Cain's items alone, for example, will be quite the challenge (I haven't even found the plan yet, after some serious time spent in the Beta) - and those items along with the topaz make up the bulk of your MF.

The question is then how much kill speed and efficiency you are giving up. Since legendaries are at 10% MF value, you'd end up with something like 20% "legendary MF" at best; if that then comes at the cost of more than 20% reduced kills due to not using optimal gear, it's already not worth it. Whether or not that ends up happening is of course contingent on several factors, but given that you'd basically have to do your farming on Torment to get the best gear, you may end up in such a situation rather quickly.

That being said, in regards to legacy gear your best bet are high-DPS items that you can use to essentially sacrifice Toughness for MF, as that is the least likely to affect your clearing speed. The aforementioned Lacunis and WH look good so far, mostly because they have little competition for their out-of-slot DPS stats. I could imagine Zuni Boots following a similar pattern.

Either way, this is not something to start your farming with. Rerolling legacy 60 legendaries will take a lot of Forgotten Souls, which for now at least are quite a precious resource. Add to that the potentially substantial monetary investment for legacy gear pre-launch and you may end up in a situation where it's simply not worth it.
I'm sorry maybe I missed something but where are you getting that certain legs only drop in tormet? I searched but could find nothing official that states this.
I'm sorry maybe I missed something but where are you getting that certain legs only drop in tormet? I searched but could find nothing official that states this.

Read the description of the Torment difficulty in game:

"- 300% extra gold/XP
- Bounties award double currency
- Imperial gems can drop from lvl61 and higher monsters
- New legendary items can drop in this difficulty
- Additional gold/XP/legendary drop rate per slider tick"
Ive run my 282% MF set on the PTR very successfully, though the set up on the PTR is slightly different based on the new availability of certain skills and allocation of paragon points but it does just fine on Master level.

If I outfit the Templar with his MF gear, Im easily above the 300% cap so its definitely doable.
12/27/2013 05:42 AMPosted by Hinnyu
Pretty sure Nagelring has been severely nerfed in regards to MF in the current version of the Beta. It's more like 10% now and not 100%.

It doesn't make sense that it would be 10% and then only 10% effect of that would be given to legs/set items.

edit: Confirmed even lvl70 Nagelring rolls only 10% MF. I'm confused because this makes it even harder to reach the MF cap now.

The 300% MF cap is still there. Cain's set still has 100% MF on the latest patch.

I don't like this hidden MF effect, but If they were to lower MF on new items and go back and have the effect be 100% on legs, then legacy gear would be very good.

12/27/2013 07:36 AMPosted by HGJohnny
If I outfit the Templar with his MF gear, Im easily above the 300% cap so its definitely doable.

On Master(60) it's very much doable with Legacy gear, since the content is about MP6.5 or so mob health wise, and a lot less in regards to incoming dps. Ghom dies in ~8 seconds with ~200k dps STR gear Wiz @300% MF.
I don't think some of you are approaching this the way I am (not going to say who's right or wrong I guess we'll see).

As far as Nats 2 pc versus Ice Climbers/rare ring...Nats will always out DPS the latter BUT the Ice Climbers are superior in EHP and defensive stats overall. That socket is going to be amazing in RoS as you can gem with diamond for even more defense. Only downside is possible no MS roll (guaranteed on Nat's Bloody Footprints).

Either way both can be efficient and effective in RoS Torment I

Now on to what I'm saying for myself...The strategy here is not to have 300MF. It's to have around 100MF more or less (I think I can go about 150 comfortably on Torment I)

What I'm going to do is level to 70 as fast as possible using other old gear...then when I'm at 70 I'll have to get my hands on around 6 Legendary enchanting mats (at least and I'm aware that sometimes you don't get ur desired new affix right away...but that's the reality of it). At that point I'm going to for sure enchant the following slots which I believe will still be viable on Torment I without hindering my ability to kill any mob efficiently.

WH Belt, Lacuni's, Tal's Chest, Nats Ring/Boots (or Ice Climbers) and Depth Digger (or Blackthorne pants).

From the gear I've seen streamers use, you can roll with gloves/shoulders and load up on stats there...and the other things I want to enchant (like my amulet and ring are rare so that's a lot easier to get mats for).

The goal is to also have a high damage weapon at that point...and use that current "MF set up" of around 150MF to play the game regularly as if I had other gear.

Farming Torment I with that much MF I believe will pay off initially...even if I only get 10% more chance of legendary items to drop its worth it to me esp. with all this BoA to deal with.

It's my opinion if you keep (and I've seen some of your set ups with high MF) so much MF you may cripple your character too much...unless (and here is the big have already nice current CRAFTED gloves/shoulders/bracers with MF already on them) I'm not so lucky myself. In that case you just simply enchant the "missing affix there or boost with a higher roll) and go that way.

All this is a huge gamble of course and just a theory from watching streamers and listen to what they have to say about it.
Updated main thread. Looking forward to ROS =)

All this work might have been for nothing, but who knows. At the very least I think I have found a few pieces that will be very tough to replace.

I am still considering purchasing a nice all resist, 2 socket blackthorne's pants. However, they are selling for hundreds of millions so not sure they are worth it. Also, I think the pants are one of the first items I would replace. Comparing the two:

Blackthorne's: 450LOH + 80 resist all + 12% life
Inna's: 9% attk + 1% crit +120 dex (12 movement speed converts to 120 stats with paragons).

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