Fallen Lunatic Lore Book

Console Bug Report
Killing a Fallen Lunatic does not trigger its Lore Book entry on the Xbox 360 version. This prevents us from achieving the Beastmaster of Caldeum and Grand Beastmaster of Sanctuary challenges. However, you can still get the Sheer Lunacy challenge (killing 100 Fallen Lunatics before they explode). I have killed Fallen Lunatics in Normal, Nightmare, and Hell mode and have not gotten the Lore Book. Thanks for you help with this issue.
I know I had a similar issue with Grotesque on PS3. I had to start a new character and kill a Grotesque with that character after which the lore book "dropped".

Hope this helps.
I figured it out. You have to kill a Fallen Lunatic in Act 2 to get the Lore book. They are very rare. I found them in the Stinging Winds near a ship buried in the sand, which only spawns randomly. Took me 3 playthroughs for it to spawn. The Lunatics I killed for Sheer Lunacy were in Act 3.

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