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Demon Hunter
Hey im about to make it to hell difficulty and I am not sure how I am going to survive.

What recomended stats should I look to have for hell?

HP; ?
Damage: ?
All Resist: ?
Armour: ?
The journey from 50-60 is quite dangerous for DH in hardcore. My recommended stats for Hell come from my experience running MP10 and power leveling, so please take the absurd numbers with a grain of salt if you are planning on walking your was up in MP0.

HP: 40K when you start hell, 60K by the time you get to A3.
AR: whatever you can get. It won't be much before you get to 60, so stack vit.
Armor: see AR
DPS: 5K at the start of hell, 25K by the end. You don't need any if you get carried, but I highly recommend playing your way through.

Expect that you just might die before hitting 60. Accept it, learn from it and reroll. GLSS.
Nyan gave me a weapon and two peices of armour with ar just dinged 60 act 4 hell.

Hp 33 k

ar 270

armour 2300

dps 8 k

those were my stats. gona see if any1 wants to trade softcore money for hardcore money so i can safely run inferno. thanks for the advice rav1n. I couldn't afford gear to make the stats you mentioned so i played extra safe after reading your comment lol

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