Cluster Bombs the end game build in ROS

Demon Hunter
I think kindershot and frost arrow has a lot promise as a decent spec

For open minded players, skies the limit ! Tons and tons of builds possible out there. DPS won't be the only merit in builds for Torment !

Good luck guys..
I was playing frost arrow and web shot with cull the weak. Now that archery was nerfed and cull the weak buffed, cull the weak is really good.
01/06/2014 02:23 PMPosted by Merlin
cull the weak is really good

Gratz and more power to you ! Plus 1 from me ! Great job.

Explore ! .. More to come !

Elemental damage affix bonuses / Skill buffs / Item passives / eviroment bonuses / Spamable spenders etc.. and probably more.

CC / APS / Crit. Damage are not the only ways to increase DPS or eDPS. Make the best of it or wallow in the past.

PTR testing since release. Promising as I try to make the best of what is given. Giving Blizzard a chance. Played with all new items/ tested old and new combos etc... liking it alot.

Anyone else?
01/06/2014 06:09 AMPosted by Cameo

Solid play man.
Also, great posts by Myon.
2 more live paragon levels and I reach 100 on PTR. Been hopping on to PTR when not leveling.

1. Grenade based tank - check (more powerful than ever!)
2. Sentry build- Tasker and Theo drop = check! (wheres that quiver at when you need it?....)
3. HA/BL - not check, been getting wiped, too hung up on vanilla gearing on this one or something...
4. DW gunslinger - semi check. Need to figure out elites with chosen skills. Battles are way too long on master. loving the slow skills and hot pursuit.

Lots of great changes to skills and items. Just have to get over my attachment to vanilla items, its hurting me bad.
I kinda am using an end game ros build right now with cluster grenades and the passive night stalker gives me a huge discipline gainer, allowing me to always have shadow power up with big mobs. even with night stalker with rapid fire helps discipline wise with the rune bombardment for area dmg. this allows me to have the whole mob swarm around me, so I can smam caltrops bait the trap with the passive cull of the weak increasing my crit chance by 10 and having the monsters/demons.... get effected by the cull of the weak by the + 15%dmg on slowed enemies. all without life steal, this build is weirdly better in mobs rather than just a couple monsters.
Where's the end game?
01/06/2014 08:47 PMPosted by VocaloidNyan
Where's the end game?

Shooting a Fallen in the face is my Endgame. :)
01/06/2014 08:51 AMPosted by TastySouP
can be proc'ed by stuff without Proc Coeffs AFAIK, that or they changed it.

CALTROPS-JS can proc it ;) Just want to pinch in on that..


Gonna have to try that ^.^

When you have nothing to do, you tend to test stuff and be amazed at some stuff ;)

01/06/2014 06:57 PMPosted by BlackVenom
Anyone else?

I don't have enough Legendaries :(

Btw.. Cord of Shema + Ess + Caltrops-JS + WF + 5 Sentry-Spitfre + Tasker and Theo.

It's like playing Tower Defense ;)

+ 1 for built diversity

But I also focus on strafe/FoK and cluster bombs.
01/06/2014 07:43 AMPosted by Alagos
i'm a bit disappointed about the legendary bows (cluckeye, kridershot and ravens wing). 2 of them do nothing and kridershots legendary affix is worth nothing :/

This is actually another issue introduced via ROS that we don't currently have. The new legendary bows all pale in comparison to the new calamity- which is going to be the bow that everyone wants. Whereas right now you can make an argument for and realistically choose between two end game bows at least.

I have a hunch that they are hiding some of the legendary items and wont show them till launch date.
01/06/2014 06:16 AMPosted by Alagos
yeah this was the streamer I was watching. to be honest this video doesn't do him justice. in a single target situation c-bombs is weaker. up against multiple enemies ME generates hatred sooo quickly because so many mobs are getting hit he barely uses punishment.

the t6 azmo kill was day 6... i didn't have much gear synergy (eg: mark was single target at that point)

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