Rate the Monk above you ~ Revision Pre-Xpac

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Your Asian monk is really burnt! 10/10
@manU no eb 1/10

next person rate manU also please ^_^
01/11/2014 02:03 AMPosted by baggins
@manU no eb 1/10

next person rate manU also please ^_^

lol...EB monk is so hot recetly!

your build is the best for a TR monk
nice monks manu 8/10

Nice monk running tr/bells. You could use a little more vit my suggestions would be to get some new vile wards drop the str and get some with higher vit. I would also try and roll bracers to get a vit roll there as well. 7/10 get that vit up.
i don't remeber how much i'm try crafting my ammy, but my friend ammy more nice :http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Devananda-1776/hero/1785749

O_o D-d-d-d-d-d-amn mister. I reckon that there is what us hill folk refer to as OP. :)

@ Blade. Nice monk. Good balance 9/10

Nice zDPS monk! I'm not sure how to rate it however, but that offhand with almost 50% stun chance amd extremely high APS looks good. 8/10

Nice monk LS / dps balance looks really nice. 9/10
all the monk above me 9/10 :D
there are some good monk builds here...any suggestions on mine?

...and I thought I liked high mitigation.

You gear and build together are over the top defensively. Your gear is great, but your skills don't make sense to me based on your gear. 5k armor and 700 resist all is very solid, even for single LS, but with OWE you are over 900 resist all. You have stacked a decent amount of cold resists, so leave OWE if you feel you need it, but drop Mantra of Healing and Sixth Sense for something offensively oriented. There are too many options to list, but WoL and Exalted Soul would complement your high attack speed nicely for solo play. A 2nd generator and Combo Strike would be a better group play DPS option or Cyclone Strike and Resolve for support.

you have some crazy good gear. Like the WoL thrown in there, looks like a fun build!

I'm trying to craft some better bracers with +res but open to other suggestions/comments!


Nice gear. I would say that the base dps could be higher but I have a feeling you are doing just fine with the life and resistances you have.


8/10 for the tankiness it looks like you are rocking. Looks like you are doing EP:SS/Overawe for most of your damage so focused on surviving the big packs.

only build ive ever use, would like some suggestions on better build, i like my AR at 940 but im open to suggestions, i dont die often and hunt mp8-10 ...
@CaptCaveMan very well balanced monk with good eHP and DPS. U could try dashing strike for mobility and drop serenity. I think most ppl are running with dashing strike or you could go dual wield. I run tempest rush with inna's set with skorn and it's very effective xp farming or you could try out pillar build. 9/10
@Electroclash nice 2H monk.. good dps and decent defense.. 9/10

Nice monk overall. Nice attack speed with EF. All res maybe a little low.


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