Ps3 is freezing after 1.02 patch

Console Bug Report
I had this issue for quite long now and is very annoying.... I have try the game on a friend ps3 and the same appen all the time random freeze everywere .... I recently buy the digital version too and the same thing appen again ...... blizz please fix this!
I had this too and it is a corrupt file system on the PS3.

If you go into the PS3's safe mode and run options 4 (restore file system) and 5 (rebuild database) you will find the freezing stops.

To enter safe mode you need to hold the power button down on your PS3 till it powers on, beeps and then powers off. Then press and hold it again until it beeps twice fast and then release and you will see the safe mode options on your will need your cable for the controller too.

After I did this I've played for hours on end with no freezes and not had one freeze since in any game...
tanks ... I going to try this later!
my ps3 is working well whit all other game exept diablo 3 ..

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