Time Capsule Game! *RESULTS!!!!*

Ok Folks! The time has come for us to see how "close" we were to the mark.

MY god, we were wrong. We were SOOOO wrong, hahaha. Well - not entirely.

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Came up with this little gem (<-Gawd I love gems) before I went to sleep last night.

Here's how it works.

You list which build you are most excited to run in ROS based on what you know. It doesn't matter how much you know about ROS, or if your predicted build is totally different than everyone else around you. It's just for funsies. You may choose to briefly tell us why you like this concept if you feel up to it. No pressure!

So here's the format.

At minimum, pick your 6 skills, and 4 passives. No editing. I'll be watchin! One month after ROS goes live, I'll necro this thread and see how close some of us are to actually playing the build we predicted. Winner gets nothing, as per my usual reward system.

The purpose of this game is two-fold.

1. Fun!
2. Right now, if you haven't played Beta, but are a forum warrior - you should have some sort of idea of some build you want to try. Once ROS goes live, many of these ideas may be lost to "convenience" or "discovered synergies". I think it would be cool to have a massive thread of ideas that we could "go back to the drawing board" and build from. For example, once Critical Mass had its potential truly discovered, it became the basis of ALL my build theory crafting. So of course I never came up with an Arcane Mines build, or a Resource Reduced Disintegrate build. I got stuck. I'm speaking for myself of course.

You can copy and paste this format for convenience and universality if you choose. Or be a rebel. I don't currr.


My entry:

LMB: Magic Missile - Glacial Spike
RMB: Arcane Hydra
1-Diamond Skin - Crystal Shell
2-Ice Armor - Crystallize
3-Magic Weapon - Force Weapon
4-Meteor - Comet
Passive: Cold Blooded
Passive: Audacity
Passive: Unwavering Will
Passive: Temporal Flux

Have at it!
LMB: MM - Glacial Spike
RMB: Comet Meteor
1-Familiar - Icicle
2-FN - Cold Snap
3-Mirror Image - Duplicate
4-Ice Armor - Crystalize
Passive: Cold Blood - Audacity - UA - not sure yet
Not going to happen for me within that time span unless I get incredibly lucky, but I plan on collecting the Arcane Wraps set, a.k.a. Archon set.

LMB: Arcane Torrent (Disruption or Cascade) or Disintegrate (Entropy or Chaos Nexus)
RMB: Black Hole (Supermassive, Event Horizon or Spellsteal)
1: Archon (doesn't matter what rune if I get all the set pieces)
2: Familiar (Sparkflint or Cannoneer) or a utility spell based on equipped legendaries
3. Magic Weapon (Force Weapon or Deflection)
4. Energy Armor (Pinpoint Armor) or an armor based on equipped legendaries

Passives: Audacity, Evocation, Temporal Flux, and toss-up between Unwavering Will and Blur
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Saw a couple of builds on youtube posted by Zisspire that look interesting

Shock and WoH

Need for speed

both fairly gear dependent so who knows if I'll ever get to try them out.
@DarthNaticus - Bear in mind the central piece to both those builds in the videos you linked is Wand of Woh, which has been nerfed/changed drastically (extra Chain Reaction per cast of EB, but no more 0-sec cooldown).

I more or less played the same way in the F&F Beta as did numerous other wizards who were running at that time.
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Archon Video Guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9793089550
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ok then Maybe not those builds lol
Something with lightning. My beginning diablo days were forked lightning, blizzard, and hydra until I learned how to play CM.

Always been a fan of lightning skills so hopefully there's an OP build in ROS that supports it...guess we'll see.

Just hoping sleet storm gear doesn't drop for me...have played enough COB to not want to do channeling spells on my wiz.
Cool idea Melkor.

I can't do just one build. A lot will depends on what type of content has the highest loot/time and xp/time potential. Build changes radically depending on need for mobility, dps, survival, and of course what leg drops I get! I've got 4 wizards that I'll gear out for multiple purposes.

Here's the top 3 I'm excited about, in no particular order:

medium difficulty, general farming, IAS-friendly channel build.

RMB:Storm Armor:SA (moreso if >50 crit)
1-Tele wormhole
2-<Arcane Dynamo Trigger>
3-MW: Deflection
4-Familiar: Cannoneer
Passive:Blur or Evoc
Passive:Unwavering Will
Passive:Arcane Dynamo

High mobility Cold AOE build for speed trash farming

LMB: Black Hole: cold rune
RMB: Blizzard: Stark Winter
1-Tele Wormhole
2-FN Deep Freeze
3-Storm Armor:SA
4-<MW:Electrified/Venom/Force OR Hydra>
Passive:Cold Blooded
Passive:Dominance or Elemental Exposure

Here's a stacked CDR channel build I plan on running (arcane version)

LMB:AT: Disruption
RMB:<Storm Armor:SA or MW:Deflection or AO:Aorbit>
1-Tele Wormhole
2-FN Deep Freeze/ Frozen Mist/ Cold Snap
3-DS Shards
4-EB Time Bomb
Passive:Unwavering Will
Passive:Cold Blooded or Blur or Illusionist

So many others, but I'd say those are my top 3. They do not include max-multiplier boss farming builds (probably based on Arcane Dynamo-fueled Death Blossom or Mines, no teleport).

EDIT: I know you said no edits >.<

My base build for PVP:

LMB: AT: Arcane Mines
RMB: Blizzard: Stark Winter
1-Tele Calamity/Reversal/Wormhole
2-Mirror Images, Mocking Demise
3-Hydra: Arcane
4-SA: Thunderstorm

Passive:Unstable Anomaly
Passive:Temp Flux
This is so hard to do due to the fact my half dozen builds I'm planning are nearly ALL based off certain Legendarys and their synergy with some specific skills and passives.

I'll think about it a bit more before I decide to post one. Or two. Or three :)
Build dead(PTR change killed Flame Blades)

High Difficulty Tank Build(Possibly even use a shield)

LMB: Spectral Blades - Flame Blades
RMB: Arcane Orb - Scorch
1- Teleport - Safe Passage
2- Meteor - Impact
3- Magic Weapon - Deflection
4- Ice Armor - Crystallize

Passive: Unwavering Will
Passive: Audacity
Passive: Blur
Passive: Arcane Dynamo for Meteor - Impact or possibly Conflagration, Illusionist

Gear wanted to increase effectiveness:
Helm: 10Apoc
Source: 10Apoc(If I don't use a shield)
Chest: Cindercoat - "30% reduced resource cost on fire skills " and 20%? increased Fire damage
Gloves: Magefists - "Double the duration of Fire elemental effects" and 25% increased Fire damage.
Shield: Centurion - "Blocking an attacker Freezes them for 3 seconds" (My only form of Crowd Control)
Bastion of Will ring set

This is meant for large area zone clears or rifts, not bountys. The idea is to firstly build up a high Flame Blades buff and with the new Datamined changes it only requires 1 hit every 10seconds to refresh which should enable me to pretty much keep it up permenantly for each zone

Magefists will double the duration of the DOT effects of Meteor and Arcane Orb adding some nice extra damage since monsters will probably take a while to kill in Torment IV. Difficulty will be based on how high a level I can survive in really.
If I get a wizardspike it may worth doing Arcane Torrent, seriously the amount of Frozen Orb is unholy no one ever needs Ice skills.
Here's my flame blades build. This is what I'd be running if I could do so.

LMB - flame blades
RMB - wormhole
1 - heat wave
2 - time warp (probably run icicle solo, time warp in groups)
3 - blazar
4 - deflection (potentially prismatic armor or crystallize)

conflagration / illusionist / arcane dynamo / blur

I actually have run this build omitting blur and replacing blazar with mammoth hydra (to simulate something eating my AD stacks every once in a while).

Melkor, the version you saw in that pub game we were in together was

LMB - flame blades
RMB - wormhole
1 - heat wave
2 - icicle
3 - mammoth hydra
4 - deflection

conflagration / illusionist / arcane dynamo

I have myself pretty gimped and it works quite well solo as is. Blazar should be a nice upgrade over hydra for the CC and big boom. Honestly, even in this non-RoS state, this build seems pretty good. The hydra is just dumb and always manages to target the fewest number of enemies possible. Like, if there's a pack of 7 mobs in my face, it'll shoot towards a wall so it just hits one guy on the edge of the group.

Edit: Thursday, January 16th, 2014:
Daggnammit flames blades just got nerfed.
LMB:Glacial Spike
RMB: Frozen Orb
1-Frost Nova - Cold snap (or maybe Blizzard to use on top the black hole)
2-Black Hole - absolute zero
3-Ice armor - maybe frozen storm
4-Teleport - worm hole
Passive: Cold Blooded
Passive: Audicity
Passive: Unwavering Will
Passive: Glass Cannon

Melkor, I think temporal flux is getting replaced with Arcane Aegis: Dealing Arcane damage, grants you a shield that absorbs 826 damage for second, its sad but at least we'll have a couple new ice spells to slow enemies. I currently temp flux, with arcane hydra too.
01/15/2014 07:23 PMPosted by Zaige
Melkor, I think temporal flux is getting replaced with Arcane Aegis: Dealing Arcane damage, grants you a shield that absorbs 826 damage for second

Where did you read this?
01/15/2014 07:52 PMPosted by Zaige

You do realize that link was posted in September 2013 right? Even Paralysis's description in that thread is incorrect as that is not the effect seen in the F&F Beta up to this point in the Closed Beta/PTR.

Of course, this isn't ruling out future changes, but that link is very outdated. It was posted before the Beta was even launched.
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Ah, I hadn't even looked at the date on it, thanks!
45 Days to ROS - A strong control and dps build.

LMB: Blizzard - Stark Winter
RMB: Arcane Torrent - Disruption

1- Teleport - Safe Passage
2- Magic Weapon - Deflection
3- Familiar - Icicle(My favourite by far due to the freezing ability)
4- Energy Armour - Prismatic Armour

1:Passive: Unwavering Will(Essential for Toughness)
2:Passive: Audacity(DPS but removable for versatility.)
3:Passive: Cold Blooded(DPS but changeable for versatility)
4:Passive: Blur(Toughness but changeable based on survivability)

Other options based on DPS and Survivability:
1: Arcane Orb - Orbit, Electrocute - Forked Lighnting in conjuction with Arcane dynamo Passive or Black Hole.
4: Energy Armour - Pinpoint Barrier
Passives: In replacement of Passives 3/4 I could use Dominance, Illusionist to reset Teleport: Safe Passage or Arcane Dynamo with the Electrocute signature.

This requires 0 ROS items to work and has been my most effective build on the PTR. Though I'm looking forward to adding certain items legendarys to enhance the build further. Moonlight ward, Frostburns, Ess of Johan and Rimeheart being some.

You will require a -5AT SOJ and 20 APOC from a Helm and Source. With enchanting available I can make the SOJ and D3V helm/source viable until they are replaced in ROS. But I doubt I'll be dropping the SOJ ever. The -5AT on the SOJ with 20apoc makes AT spamming on 1 target easy and with 30% Elite damage scaling with monsters, its a very viable item. Plus you can enchant the primary affix %elemental damage to another primary eg: 6cc, 350+int or even a higher %elemental.
LMB: Disintigrate - Chaos Nexus
RMB: Black Hole - Spell Steal
1- Teleport - Safe Passage
2- Familiar - Cannoneer/Icicle
3- Magic Weapon - Deflection
4- Ice Armor - Crystallize
Passive: Temporal Flux
Passive: Blur
Passive: Unwavering Will
Passive: Domination

basically: put on your defensive shoes on and go zapp 'em crawlers.

needs 1x -5 disint item (SoJ prolly, but can be changed to say -25% total skill cost reduction), ~20 Apoc and keeping IAS at reasonable.
havent paid any attention to wiz except for jaetch's posts so im going to run some kind of archon hybrid w/ blackhole probably

for some reason im kind of excited with barb and monk.. but that may change as it always does.


black hole
hybrid thing i gotta find jh post

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