Time Capsule Game! *RESULTS!!!!*

The Ecitorch:

Scorch (or meteor shower. Is there still the legendary that makes the meteors seek?)
Blazing hydra or gale force
Point of no return, or time and space
Illusionist (not sure rune)
Ignite or force weapon

Astral presence

Probably too glassy, but I hope to play a "kill or be killed" style.

LMB - Spectral Blade - Barrier Blades
RMB - Arcane Orb - Arcane Orbit
1. Magic Weapon - Force Weapon
2. Black Hole - Event Horizon
3. Energy Armor - Prismatic Armor
4. Familiar - Sparkflint

1. Glass Cannon
2. Unwavering Will
3. Audacity
4. Temporal Flux
Blizzard Rocks

LMB - Electrocute - Chain Lightning
RMB - Blizzard - Frozen Solid or Unrelenting Storm, not %100 sure.
1. Black Hole - Abs Zero
2. Slow Time - Time Warp
3. Magic Weapon - Force Weapon
4. Storm Armor - Scramble

P1. Cold Blooded
P2. Dominance
P3. Paralysis
P4. Arcane Dynamo

I want to buff the heck out of blizzard, cover the map with em with skill cost reduction, be able to CC stuff in groups and run low difficulty really fast by myself.
should add teleport somehow then no bdf?
LMB: Slow Time - Point of No Return
RMB: Arcane Orb - Spark
1- Teleport - Fracture
2- Black Hole - Supermassive
3- Mirror Image - Duplicates
4- Blizzard - Unrelenting Storm
Passive: Astral Presence
Passive: Cold Blooded
Passive: Paralysis
Passive: Illusionist

All 5 images from Mirror Image - Duplicates all use Slow Time - Point of No Return and the enemies that enter/exit get stunned from it also. You'll see five Slow Time bubbles instantly pop up as soon as the images begin attacking. They also use Blizzard, so you'll see five Blizzards.

The images from Fracture also use Slow Time and although the bubble doesn't slow enemy movements, it slows projectiles (bug maybe?). They also use Blizzard and although it doesn't do damage, it slows enemies.
My apologies as my knowledge of names of things is terrible, but I know the effects!

LMB - Electrocute - More arcane power rune
RMB - Arcane orb - Frozen orb
1 - Frost nova - reduced cooldown + increased duration
2 - Shock armor - AP regen
3 - Magic weapon - shielding on attack
4 - Familiar - AP regen
Bonus damage to chilled/frozen mobs
Bonus AP and 2 regen
Galvanized Ward
Blur or Glass Cannon based on how my gear stacks up vs the difficulty I am playing on.
01/31/2014 09:28 AMPosted by lameboi
should add teleport somehow then no bdf?

Maybe instead of black hole yeah. We'll see how much I get griefed by waller/jailer/frozen
I'm looking forward to bringing my old homebrew melee wizard build back

should be fun with 4 passives, and perfectly viable for low difficulty levels

lmb: spectral blades/deep cuts
rmb: blizzard/deep freeze

1: teleport/wormhole
2: ice nova/shatter
3: familiar/sparkflint
4: shock armor/that one critical bonus rune I can never remember the name of but used with my melee build and on my current CM

cold blooded
unstable anomaly
Glass cannon

basically my old homebrew melee wiz + unstable anomaly which I learned to like while playing CM due to the handy saftey net against 'sloppy' mistakes from enviromental damage like the fire floors or tree poison pods
Bump for those who still would like to participate.
Ooh, sure!

Emperor Palpatine Build

1. Electrocute/Arc Lightning
2. Meteor/Lightning Bind
3. Black Hole/Supermassive
4. Familiar/Cannoneer
5. Magic Weapon/Electrify
6. Ice Armor/Crystallize

Blur/Audacity/Dominance/Unwavering Will

02/14/2014 11:53 AMPosted by mou

Arc Lightning! Sweeeeet
Torrent cascade being fixed is what I was most excited about - til I found out on this thread there will be 4 passives allowed. Schweet!
I know the skills but is a toss up between 1-2 runes on most .

LMB: Calamity
RMB: Ray of Frost-Sleet storm or Black ice
1-Mirror Image-Mocking demise or Blizzard
2-Familar-one of them lol
3-Magic Weapon - Deflection
4-Energy Armor-Force or Pinpoint
Passive: illusionist
Passive: Glass cannon or Audacity
Passive: Astral presence
Passive: Unstable Anomaly

I am hoping to have,high Dps Horrible EHP and massive regen to trigger illusionist as much as possible .
LMB: Heat Wave
RMB: Calamity

Q - Cannoneer
W - Force Weapon
E - Chain Reaction
R - Reactive Armor

Unwavering Will
Elemental Exposure

- OR -

LMB - Disruption or Death Blossom
RMB - Calamity

Q - Force Weapon or Black Hole
W - Arcane Orbit
E - Unleashed
R- Cannoneer

Unwavering Will
Not sure, maybe Blur

- ALSO -

LMB - Arc Lightning
RMB - Calamity

Q - Cannoneer
W - Force Weapon
E- Static Pulse
R - Reactive Armor

Unwavering Will
Arcane Dynamo
Electrocute/arc lightning
Meteor/lightning bind
Black hole/svent horizon
Slow time/damage rune
Teleport/safe passage


I'm ready to go with a -5 meteor soj and oculus...hoping his works!

There are so many attractive skill choices for the wizard RoS looks to be fun.

I mean...I didn't even include magic weapon or an armor. I was trying to be realistic I regards to defense, the new illusionist looks awesome.

Blizzard overlapping would be cool...but it sounds like cannoneer is way too good right now to pass up.

Black hole sounds like it would fit perfectly for a meteor build.

I'm also ready with 7% arcane orb soj/oculus in case meteor isn't as good as I'm hoping. Frozen orb might be a good way to go for faster runs/lower difficulty modes

Great thread!
Now this is the original build i wanted to go with when RoS news first hit our ears a few months back now, i have kept the ability descriptions from originally data mined information so you can see how much this build which doesn't even exist has changed over time despite the actual game not being public yet.

My build idea is as follows: Celestial Storm build: first conceived 11/30/13

Arcane Orb - Spark: Lob an electrified orb over enemies that zaps them for 349% weapon damage as Lightning and increases damage of the next Lightning spell you cast by 2% for every enemy hit
Black Hole - Supermassive: Increases the Black Hole radius to 20 yards and damage to 583% weapon damage as Lightning over 2 seconds

Teleport - Wormhole: you know the score ;)
Archon - Improved Archon: increases damage by 60%
Magic Weapon - Deflection: When you perform an attack, gain a protective shield for 3 seconds that absorbs 5465 damage
Storm Armor - Reactive Armor: deals 198% damage to ranged and melee attackers

Paralysis - 15% chance to Stun
Power Hungry - Being healed by a Health Globe causes the next Arcane Power Spender you cast to be cast for free. You can have up to 5 charges of Power Hungry.
Dominance - Killing an enemy grants a shield that absorbs 16394 damage for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 10 times. Refreshing Dominance will set the shield to its maximum possible potency and each stack will increase its total duration by 1 second
Audacity - You deal 20% additional damage to enemies within 15 yards

!possible changes include using the lightning hydra somewhere, perhaps a primary electric/lightning skill if ap is a problem. these would be in place of teleport as i'm fine without tp if i have to loose it for better build cohesion.
Bump for awareness and anyone who wants to add a build!

What I ran with Don Vu:

LMB: Spectral Blades - Thrown Blades
RMB: Arcane Orb - Arcane Orbit

1. Magic Weapon - Force Weapon
2. Black Hole - Event Horizon
3. Energy Armor - Prismatic Armor
4. Familiar - Sparkflint

Passive 1: Audacity
Passive 2: Unwavering Will
Passive 3: Glass Cannon
Passive 4: Blur
Interesting thread. I can delurk for this. :) No way I'll be anywhere near this a month in. I change builds with ADD like frequency.

No beta access for me yet, but this is the build I've found the most useful on PTR. I rolled a new wiz and leveled her from scratch and I've been playing her mostly self found (lvl 60 sources are garbage from what I've seen). With 200 paragon points I'm sitting at 250k dps/220k hp/2.6M toughness and can farm T4 fairly comfortably.

LMB: Electrocute - Forked lightning or lighnting blast
RMB: Teleport - wormhole

1. Familiar - Sparkflint (will probably swap that out for Black Hole when it unlocks)
2. Storm Armor - Reactive Armor
3. Magic Weapon - Force Weapon
4. Arcane Torrent - Cascade

Passive 1: Prodigy
Passive 2: Paralysis
Passive 3: Blur
Passive 4: Audacity? Temporal Flux?
bump for awareness
I'm probably going to stay mostly the same

LMB:Magic Missile - Glacial Spike
RMB: Ray of Frost - Snow Blast
1- magic weapon -Deflection
2-Energy Armor - Pinpoint Barrier
3- Teleport -Wormhole
4- Black Hole - Absolute Zero
Passive: Cold Blooded
Passive: Unwavering Will
Passive: Prodigy
Passive: Audacity

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