Barbarian build for Reaper of Souls?

Anyone tried PTR and coming up with a good start build? Watched couple videos on youtube, they all have nice items and doing Torment 6.

Ofcourse Im struggling with the Expert level. Trying different build, not working so well. Not killing fast enough.

I've found that keeping fury up is most important, so I'm using animosity and unforgiving, as well as cleave (reaping swings). I use sprint RLTW, ground stop-foot of the mountain, battle rage-into the frey, and rend-lacerate. I don't bother using earthquake because I don't like cooldowns. I'm able to use WW a lot and that is my major damage dealer now. It's great for survivability now, too, because it will get you out of sticky situations like plagued, poison enchanted, arcane, etc, and pull everything away with you, while killing them.

It's a little different than before but it just takes some tweaking to get used to a new routine. Overall though, I feel like my barb is better in PTR than in vanilla.
Theres a couple builds in the sticky under the ros section, ive sorta slacked on posting too many due to ongoing changes. If you find one please post it up :)
I do up to t2 solo on HC with this:

wotb - thrive on chaos
OP - momentum
bash - instigation

weapon master (if I have empowered shrine) or animosity (no shrine)

Base dps with only weapon master is 880k, with BR it's 1.04m, with 25 rampage it's over 1.3m. 10.2m ehp, up to 13.5m with WC. I have a belt with 703 lpfs, 4500 lok, and no other sustain. I sometimes switch out WC for sprint it I have a prot shrine as well.
Use This Build

Cleave W/ Broad Sweep
HOTA W/ Smash
Ignore Pain W/ Ignorance Is Bliss
Revenge W/ Blood Law
Battle Rage W/ Marauder's Rage
Earthquake W/ Chilling Earth

For Passives, I recommend
Nerves Of Steel
Tough As Nails

Remember, I guarantee you, you will have the WORST time with a Barbarian if you don't have any Toughness/Healing (Vitality or Armor). With a normal DPS build, you WILL die. I guarantee it!

This is for Level 50 though. Not sure if you are at this level or not. Try it though, although you don't kill fast, you will survive many battles (If you use the skills right, of course) Hope this helps!

Post was from January (i.e thread necro (: ) and he was referencing to PTR which is essentially on live servers now.
barbs like healing bloodthirst with + healing globes = big heals from hota jus smash things
If you're not one shoting trash mobs, lower your difficulty until you are. To my knowledge that is the most efficient way to go farm. The drops are based on your level not your difficulty level (ie the monster level is based on your level). Granted there are some legendaries unique to torment. Since I've adopted this method myself I'd say I've improved my efficiency by about 10 fold.

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