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Here I am showcasing the new Boulder Barbarian build. I don't have amazing gear for the build but yet, I basically tossed my Crusader's gear on my barb, but you can see that it is still highly effective. I'm using a high block % shield which allows me to get incredible fury gain from Sword and Board. The fury is then used to deal an extra 20% weapon damage for every point of fury.

I only have 161 Max Fury in this video but with the proper gear a Barbarian could get over 200+ making for even more potent critical hits. If I were to grab some gear with Ancient Spear % and Physical Damage % I could perhaps even reach numbers as high as 100+ million.

Items that would make this build super strong:

Immortal Kings set bonuses
The Three Hundredth Spear (50% Ancient Spear Damage)
Mighty Weapon(s) with +maximum fury
Mighty Belt
Increased % to Physical Skills
Increased % to Ancient Spear


Cleave - Reaping Swing
Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss
Sprint - Marathon
War Cry - Invigorate
Battle Rage - Into the Fray
Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity


Sword and Board

Anyone else have any ideas to improve this build or maybe using something similar? I really wish I could get my hands on some of the cool items to test this build further.
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pretty neat...seems like you have to make your whole setup built around this skill though, right?
On my barb I use:

Boulder toss
Avalanche -Lahar
Earthquake - (no rage cost and lower CD)
war cry (HP regen)
overpower (rage per mob near)
Cleave (Rage per swing)

Passives are:
Earthen might (50 rage per earthquake and avalanche)

The idea is that it's a rotation rage build that builds rage nearly instantly to boulder toss. It's worked extremely well. No need for a shield or sword and board (although that would help as well if you need).
See, it's totally fine to deal ridiculous damage with the aid of some powerful legendary items. But if 100-200M+ crits are doable with basically legacy gear and generic rare gear, something's up.
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100mil crits can't be still produced, unless you use a scroll or have perfect gear even with 300th spear.

I got inspired by the build OP presented and went ahead and did my own tweak to it with some very good gear set in HC.

Here is my DW spec:

4xIK Set bonus (3 pieces + Ring of Royal Grandeur)
1x The three Hundred Spear (43% to Ancient Spear)
1x 2k DPS vanilla EF with 65% CD

~800k unbuff DPS, ~2.2APS


1. Weapon throw / Fury generation rune
2. Ancient Spear / Boulder Toss
3. War Cry / Charge
4. Call of The Ancients / Ancient Fury
5.Sprint / Marathon
6. WOTB / Insanity or ToC (depends on your gear/skills)


1. Weapon Master (8% ias)
2. Superstition
3. Animosity
4. Unforgiving (Ruthless for single targets)

My fury globe shows 191 total fury from items/passives. It is possible if I get a Warrior's blood mighty weapon to go over 200 fury,, but the difference will be insignificant, as the EF provides very high APS and I'm ~2.2APS on both weapons w/o WOTB and allows me to generate fury very quickly.
The build has a very good synergy with COTA if you have 4x IK set bonus, the 3 warriors are a WD pets on steroid and absorb the most of the damage and at the same time generate a lot of fury for you (4 per swing of each one) and thats allows you to stay back and throw rocks every 2-3 sec at nearly full fury globe.

I like Unforgiving a lot since you generate total of 4 fury per sec with set bonus without spamming any generating skills. The build could be possible without generator, but this is HC and i don't want to take that risk just yet, since I'm trying to improve few pieces of gear and hopefully find Tasker and Theo and see if it doubles my IAS on COTA hits.
The build is viable to at least T2 where I have tested it in solo game and I know that the 3 warriors can take some hits. On T1 I have to cast them just once at the beginning of the run and they usually last for the entire time I'm in that game, obviously there are some situations where you have to re-cast them, but it's never under the 120sec CD.


The build is very gear dependent and to produce anything over 40mil crits, you would need 4xIK set pieces or 3 + very good roll of ring of royal grandeur and The Three Hundred spear with very good roll and possible re-roll Weapon throw damage into Weapon Damage % (if allowed by Mystic). I don't expect that it will be game breaking, as it's not like every one of your hits is 40mil crit and I can compare it to my HOTA build in terms of kill speed. It also requires a good density and it doesn't work so well against single targets like Rift Guardians or bosses, unless it's some elemental spammer like Rime or Ghom and you get full fury globe every second from Superstition procs.
I don't play a barb in Beta (yet) so I can't say I know the class from the ground up. But the link I included was from a thread with a guy claiming to hit high crits on T6 with very basic gear.

I don't know, I'm just looking at what people are reporting.
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Yeah, I've seen his posts, I would take his statement with a salt of grain until I see a video of a 250mil crit from Boulder toss without the help of a scroll or Power Pylon. I have pretty much the most important piece of the puzzle for the build (300th spear) and even with it and pretty well geared character, it's hard to see numbers over 50-60mil with Insanity even at full fury globe (191 fury). If I get 300% scroll and fight a Rift Guardian, my crits are ~100mil depending on fury, which is very reasonable.

Edit: Here is a video of a T1 farm for about 2h with this build and using Battle Rage / Bloodshed instead of Sprint:

You can see for yourself the build and the crits it produces.
I'll take a look at the video when I'm home from work.

Yeah, right now it sounds to me the more outrageous numbers I keep hearing about from various builds are all because of pylons and scrolls, which I hope is the case.

There's just something about going from D3V to RoS T6 in a matter of days or weeks that troubles me :P

I'd like to crawl my way there and feel great about it when I do get there.
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So far every claim of "T6 farming" I've seen has been via the use of Scroll and/or Gloves of Worship with permanent Empowered Shrine (or of course Rimeheart/Furnace shenanigans). I don't think that's representative at all, as I'm sure Gloves will be fixed and I'm hoping Scrolls will be either nerfed or removed entirely.

Also, big crits are one thing - but in the end it's about sustained DPS. T6 HP values on mobs are high enough that even 100m crits aren't nearly as huge as you'd think. As long as you're not oneshotting things with your big hits, you have to look at the big picture, over the entire fight. Going from big crit to big crit with little in between is not necessarily good enough, or at least not OP.
My Boulder Toss @ T2

And yes, I'm using Empowered... but it's fun :P
01/22/2014 10:22 AMPosted by HandsomeNerd
pretty neat...seems like you have to make your whole setup built around this skill though, right?

I love this idea to be honest. Character and Build identity were sorely lacking in D3V.

OP - cool post, may give this a try at some point. Am burning out on my DH to be honest.

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