Cathedral ascending and descending stairs

Console Bug Report
I am in Reign of Black King quest and cannot go any furthure into the quest. I can explore any part of the map that I like that is unlocked as of now. When I use the passage that leads to Cathedral Level 2, it loads the area....Then when I try to go to Level 1 or Level 2, I get the load screen then in the middle of the loading the music cuts out and then I get booted back to Playstation selection screen.

This is the very first play through, no other characters have been created. I have a barbarian female, it does not matter if she is fully geared with what is available or completely unequipped.

Console is a PS3
I went and did a file restore....finally got into level 2...there was corrupt files.

Now going into level 3 I have an infinte load screen. Is that as well corrupt files?
Took back the disc I had....It was pre-owned and had a hair-sized scratch in it. Hopefully this fixes all problems. I did uninstall everything and started brand new.

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