An urget message to Blizzard.

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Game is still way too ez. Itemization is horrible - we will all look alike in 1000 hrs. In other words they have like 1-2 GG chests/pants etc for your class and you will be wearing it after the grind. Need like 50 each and with build synergies. And sorry you're a noob compare to me and many complainers.

The succesor of D2 is finaly here,

What a joke. I should have stopped reading here I knew it. D2 had two things RoS doesnt for replayability. Builds and classes you wanted to try. Items you needed or wanted to try them.
01/23/2014 08:10 PMPosted by Brad
See that doesn't make sense to me. ROS supporters are casuals, yet we want to work hard for our drops. In the meantime, the "hardcores" complain that drop rates are too low. Is it just me, or does everyone need to grab a urban dictionary?

Funny, eh?
How do you get a refund?

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