WW vs LL for Archon

At what attack speed should one look at using WW vs LL to help reduce the cooldown of Archon?
There is a chart that determines how much APS/CC/APOC you need to out resource regen the power you spend.

Forget where it was.

Roughly something like 2.5aps @ 17apoc or something.

Anyways, if you have 10apoc and you hit deep freeze before throwing your first 2 twisters into a big mob should be able to cool down archon fast enough.

Regardless, you don't want to be left stranded without an attack, so unless you use WW without being starved for AP, might as well use LL.
got it...i have an APOC trium...but take a 4k dps hit if I switch that is the only gear unless I switched to a storm crow...which has more crit but no AS

may have to test it out...
If you regularly (as in, multiple times per run) drop out of Archon mode too early, you should lower the difficulty level. And if you don't, it's not worth losing an affix slot just to gain a couple of seconds once or twice a run. Stick with LL.
I prefer WW around 2 APS or so. I don't run with ApoC but I usually carry around a SC that I can swap to if I run out of Archon early (usually only happens if I die). Otherwise WW resets Archon much faster than LL in my experience, so I usually use it. In general it's a personal preference, and a lot of people just prefer to use LL and not have to worry about AP issues.

Right now I have LL for some reason, but haven't really played since I changed my spec. I was probably messing around with AM or something, since I use LL there.
man, just use LL, all the kewl kidz do...
Meh, EHP is for chumps! Crow with WW all the time FTW! (Don't listen to me, I hate archon.)
so did I until I figured out how to play it... it's FAR from simple pew pew
Also, you need exactly ZERO apoc w/ archon... hello!
01/26/2014 02:34 AMPosted by DethAxe
man, just use LL, all the kewl kidz do...

Frost nova can be spammed for protection whilst holding RMB with LL.
01/29/2014 05:47 AMPosted by DethAxe
so did I until I figured out how to play it... it's FAR from simple pew pew

Even after I figured out how to play it, still hated it.

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