Monk help plzzzzzzzzzzz

i need help with my gear on my monk, i just cant seem to break 200k dps at all so plz take a look and give some feed beack thanks :)
Crit damage is too low. Thats the easiest way.
Main hand weapon damage is the issue. It is really hard to break into the 200K DPS club with a weapon in the 8XX base DPS range. CHC, CHD, and IAS are all where they need to be. Dex could be higher, looking for 3K, but leveling will basically fix that.

It all comes down to your weapon. All your DPS is based off it so the base damage is very important.

Other spots to work on would be your Nat's ring. If you lose the extra dex from the str/dex roll and can only get 8% IAS it still would only take a 15-25 average damage roll to be an upgrade.

Also some suggestions on your build. If you're going to run a "cookie" build use FoT-TC instead of WotHF-BF. WotHF-BF will boost your DPS, but FoT-TC will proc so many more cyclones that your eDPS (Effective DPS) will be much better. An even better idea is to Switch your spirit generator to FoT-Q and swap BoH-BW for WoL-Emp and bring some bell hell (and crazy eDPS) down on some monsters. Also please please only use the passive Resolve on a single target boss fight if you ever use it. Resolve only procs from direct hits from a weapon or your fists. AoE skills (Cyclone, SW,...) do not proc it.

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