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So, I think I'm starting to get the hang of playin a CM wizard thanks to lots of great advice (and freebies!) from the helpful folks on this forum; I actually "prepped" 4 elite/groups and took out a bunch of trash mobs in festering woods last night for an MP8 crypt run (incidentally my very first crypt run EVER) and only died like once in addition to being able to get it done in a reasonable time frame (as it took the guy to prep the crypt). So I feel like I'm getting into the swing of things, which is kinda funny and ironic since this is kind of the last month or so of the CM build's lifespan with the upcoming RoS changes.

I am pretty happy with my wizard as is; and have actually made a few changes since that crypt run and picked up about 15k-ish dps from crafting amulet and shoulders, and have about ~180 DE to burn on more crafting to fine tune my shoulders and gloves.

The next thing I would like to look into upgrading is RINGS; first and foremost, I'm going to be doing my first HF run sometime later this week, mainly for the novelty/fun of it to get a nice vit HF ring I can use on new/low level characters as a generally good all around item where I'm not really too worried about fine tuning efficiency for high MP or farming (e.g. my ultra squishy DH who's still fumbling through Inferno MP0, or my yet to even be started WD and monk), and possibly do some more HF runs over time once in a while to try for a nice INT ring which might eventually replace one of my current ones if it has good IAS/CC/CD stats. Regardless of how that works out; I'll still need to replace the other ring with something; or possibly get two whole new rings that I can use until I get a nice HF ring as there is absolutely no guaranteed timetable on that happening. So I can keep looking in AH, or keep waiting for a drop. That being said; are there any good legendary rings that are good for wizards that aren't like ludicrously expensive? I get the general idea of what to look for when screening drops to salvage or use; I want some permutation of; IAS/CC/CD/Int/Vit the more the better. Are there any good legendaries that fit that bill? I'm not too familiar with the legendary market yet as far as rings go.
Here are just a couple of ideas:

Natalya's Reflection + Natalya's Bloody Footprints together will give 7% CC bonus. This is the generally the go-to set combo for SNS.
Also, I'd suggest collecting enough IAS to be over the APS 2.73 BP which is a very nice place to play. (Add 10% more IAS on gear to get there, i think if i read d3up.com correctly)
Finally, stack AR and armor when ever possible, high mitigation is key for SNS play.

Note: i'm no expert. follow this link for the real deal: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8728753771

PS: This is just my opinion but I really like Teleport/Safe Passage for micro-kiting around elites and for jumping right into the middle of a mob (very nice time-limited damage reduction).
Ty! Will start windowshopping the ah when i get home
picked up a nice incredibly cheap pair of boots/ring and have 55CC now, 1k LoH, 2.5APS breakpoint, 40k health

now the major problem I'm having is with AR I supposed... my new crafted shoulders are a good improvement over my old vile wards in most sectors (hp/dps) but a big AR loss which leaves me at under 400 AR in general.. did about 4m worth of crafting and ran out of tomes of secret but couldn't get any shoulders with nice ~70AR to get me to that 400 goal zone WITHOUT sacrificing massive amounts of health; I'm fine with losing some dps, but I really want to stay at 40k hp and my shoulders are currently a big health source without AR. oh well, will try more crafting as I get more tomes
Larry, I have a set of lacunis with 5cc and 61AR i believe that you can have if you would like, also my gloves and source on my male wiz you can have as well, the gloves may be a dps loss maybe (dont feel like checking right now) But you will gain more ar and maybe hit the 2.73BP. Add me if you are interested.
Sal! That would be wonderful if that offer is still on the table!

Sorry I missed your post yesterday; I surf the D3 forums while at work but not really after I get home lol so I just missed your post. But I would really really appreciate those bracers! I just made a post in a different thread which is essentially perfectly answered by those bracers; made some gear changes last night; I've hit the 2.73 breakpoint, 55CC; but am below spec in terms of AR and was going to try do something with my shoulders sacrificing DPS for a +Vit/AR ser; I'm just about ~20-30 AR points below the reccomended 400 level across the board so those bracers would be a lifesaver and let me do something less drastic with the shoulders.

I absolutely understand if you don't have them anymore; but I'll certainly try look you up later when I get home. Thanks again! and no worries if the offer is no longer on the table/I was too late. There are really a bunch of wonderfully generous and helpful people on this forum. Cheers to you all :)
Larry, yeah you are more then welcome to them, also I have some other gear pieces that you can have as well. I think we are going to have to do some work on your gear selection though :P

Just send me a friend request.
01/28/2014 11:51 AMPosted by Sal
Larry, yeah you are more then welcome to them, also I have some other gear pieces that you can have as well. I think we are going to have to do some work on your gear selection though :P

Just send me a friend request.

friend request sent!

I just got home from work and logged in to check a few things on AH and I sent a friend request; I'm off to have something to eat and do a few other things but will definitely be on later tonight for a fair amount of time in the 7-11 EST range
just want to shout-out a quick (but BIG) Thank You! to Sal for several pieces of fantastic gear. I went and did an MP10 uber run after that and got my first hellfire ring (vit one with pretty mediocre random features, but hey it's the novelty that counts) and managed to stay alive for the majority of the time except for the leoric/maghda fight where I pretty much died instantly and was carried, and wasn't particularly useful in the siegebreaker/kulle fight although I did manage to stay alive for about 75% of it. The ghom/razhul (I can't remember the blade guy's name) one was pretty fun and I think i made myself relatively useful to the group in that one, although that might be the 'easiest' of the three (leoric killed me in the first 5 seconds of his fight with his big windup swing frenzy thing lol, siegebreaker picking people up while kulle shot fireballs from far away was kinda nasty too; the ghom/blade one was the easiest relatively speaking imo). Did some Act2 MP10 after that and had a blast. Bottom line; it was tons of fun, and I feel like I can play MP10 content on my CM wiz now as a contributing member to the group; not the lead singer or anything lol but not the tag-along newbie anymore which is all I really wanted. Once again; big thank you to Sal and everyone for the valuable freebies and invaluable CM advice; I'm probably only going to make some minor gear changes to squeeze a little more health into the mix to get to ~40k hp and then kind of stop upgrading gear and just play and gradually save up for gear on other characters and RoS.

Thanks again everyone, and I'll be sure to continue 'paying-it-forward' with my old hand-me-down CM items and various other misc legendary and rares that aren't GG or anything but would definitely be helpful to someone new and trying to get ahead like I was a week or so ago (i.e. in the past I used to give my 'old' ~200 int severs and devil tongues and echoing furies to other wizards in public MP0 inferno games when I upgraded my own weapon before I started playing cm/reading about real builds for MP play on this forum; now I have some better stuff to "hand-me-down" too!)
The Wizard forums are full of friendly folks just dying to give away all of their virtual possessions. Gotta love it.

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