Spec that is cheapest to gear?

Hi, just getting back into the game and trying to get some paragon levels before the changes hit. I'm trying to gear to do crypts runs since I hear that's the fastest way to gain paragon levels. From skimming over the sticky and looking at a few builds there, it seems like the arcane mines build might be the one I'm looking for.

I also wanted to ask how you guys find crypt runs. I never see anyone asking in LFG. In fact, I really don't see much chatter at all other than spammers.

Edit: Should probably mention budget. I have about 19mil but I'd rather not spend it all. I'm just looking for some bare bones stuff to level off of.
Welcome back, i would suggest reading the sticky on build to decide which way your going with your build. ROS is coming out soon so keep that in mind before upgrading anything.

For leveling yes crypts will give you great xp but if you can not find one on the forums or on main chat then i would say join public games many ppl are trying to level before the release of ROS so that could be a good way for you to gain P-Levels.

Best of luck
barb spec

I've been playing around with some of the specs and am probably going to settle on arcane mine because it seems easiest to gear ( as far as I can tell ). And yea, I'm trying not to spend much on upgrades because of ROS but I did want to try and reach crypts to level paragon a bit.

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