Looking for Advice (harsh critics wanted)

I've built my wizard to be an ice mage.


I'm just curious if anyone has any suggestions to squeeze the most damage (preferably ice damage) out of her. I was considering getting some Frost burns...


But I think the extra socket form the Tasker and Theo's are more worthwhile. What do you guys think?
What mp are you trying to tackle? If you wish to play in low mp's than your gears will be fine. Otherwise, your at has to improve, your vital has to improve, your armor has to improve. Ice Mage is cool but your star won't allow you to get past mp5 with efficiency. Add me in game and let me see if I have any left over gears for you. I might throw in some gold if you need some to find an upgrade ? At least I'm glad that you are enjoying the last of live d3.
ATM my game seems to be glitched...I can't get any extra levels. I even ran through the whole game on inferno to see if I had skipped any acts. With an extra (competent) player I can play up to lvl 3,and I'm content right there.

I'm content,but I always like to improve and exceed my current builds. more vit, more armor and more attack?

Enjoying... I'm not so sure about that I've been grinding my other characters to level 60 before march.
You need more DPS in your ring slots, no IAS or crit damage on either. I think yoda meant to write AR not AT, as in All Resist. You definitely want more of that. Try to get rid of the MF roll on the T&T and replace it with crit chance. Might be kinda pricy to keep the high int roll with that so be careful you don't actually lose DPS in the process. Also look into either buying or attempting to craft a rare glove (archon gauntlets of intelligence recipe).
Tal's set is not good. The bonuses are negligible.

All the changes I outline in this post should be affordable if you sell your non-Marquise gems (because you can't sell those) and replace them with Flawless Star ones. That'll net you about 80m gold, and with the above changes, you'll play on MP 6 or 7, no problem.

Grab a Storm Crow with 5+ CC (crit chance), Lacuni Prowlers with AR (all resist) and CC, a rare amulet with CC, CD (crit damage) and other nice affixes like Int, Vit or average damage, a Witching Hour with AR and another nice roll like Int, Vit or %Life, and some T&Ts with CC.

I would salvage the Slorak's Madness, because unsocketing the Marquise gem costs 5m gold, and the weapon itself is worth less than that. Get a wand with LS (life steal), a socket and maybe some CD. Make sure it's black, that is, has no elemental damage on it.

Replace the Unwavering Glare with a Triumvirate with a good average damage roll. With a Storm Crow and Astral Presence, I don't think you'll need APoC (arcane power on crit) on it, so look for some Vit instead.

For low to mid budget builds that rely mostly on cold damage, Frostburns can indeed be a nice pair of gloves. However, you lose out on defensive affixes, so it's a bit of a tradeoff.

As for skills, I would suggest something like this: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#ZYlfjS!WXY!cYYZaZ

You currently run Hydra, which is just a bad skill overall. Using Ice Armor + Crystallize for extra Armor and then adding Glass Cannon for damage will improve both your EHP and DPS. Diamond Skin is good, but without some mechanism to reset its cooldown, it won't help you much. With LS on your weapon, you shouldn't need it, and Blood Magic will be unnecessary as well. Force Weapon will do more damage. I had a bit of trouble finding something to use instead of Diamond Skin. Teleport is nice, as is Frost Nova + Deep Freeze (for the +15% CC, mostly).

Black Ice is by no means bad, if you tire of it, give the Sleet Storm rune a try sometime.
Some trifecta frostburns would do some good and a fragment of destiny wand.
Are you kidding me? Fragment of Destiny is terrible. No CD, no OS, no LS. Nothing.
01/29/2014 06:42 AMPosted by mzy
Are you kidding me? Fragment of Destiny is terrible. No CD, no OS, no LS. Nothing.

But trifecta frosties are gg?
...I can't believe I missed that.
Harsh advice?

Your build sucks abandon it and you should pick one of the established builds instead.
That's what I'm hoping to discover in the forums.
Thank you very much.

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