Taking over this world....$0.21 at a time.

heh not much point putting $1.25 items on rmah unless u can sell em really fast. :)

look for items like bt chest, bt pants(get high vit 2x os or high ar + 2x os etc) if u gonna invest time on ah for profit, cos u they'll def sell. n easier to sell cos can be used by any profession.
but don't take bo unless its really cheap, n just try to snipe the ones that looks good on paper.
I stutter. Not on everything, just on very particular words. I still jump on Mumble when I have the time.

You can just jump on and listen in. I did at the start and used the chat option instead, which annoyed Melkor, and it was fine. Just listen in... if it's not about D3, it's about random enjoyable stuff. I actually like the colourful array of accents that exist on Mumble.

If anything, just come in and type stuff to annoy Melkor.

Cheapo leg plans still sell at least once or twice a week for me.

There is just something about the bolded that amuses me to no end.
LOL now thats funny
Is there some kind of general Diablo 3 players mumble or something?
01/30/2014 01:12 PMPosted by mzy
I don't want to be that weirdo who never says anything yet is alllllways listening. :P

Maybe when I get over my totally irrational phobias... some day.

01/30/2014 01:29 PMPosted by mzy
Man, I have some old dinosaur of a Nokia.

@mzy, I don't know you, but I already like you. :) These (those ?) two quotes are suspiciously similar to one of my best friends behaviour.

The next ones are: He likes to read (a lot) about everything (specially Sherlock Holmes stories), he doesn't see new movies because he is afraid of not liking it and then wasting his time and last year he got his first smartphone, but he already broke it.

The odd thing is: the guy works on the same field as me (programming), and he's very good at it. Go figure.

BTW, I'm one mumble creepy. Sometimes when returning to home from my work I connect on the phone just to listen the guys talking.

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