Immortal king build


Barb with those gear and build, just can't be killed. Even those wasp mortal cloud from act 2 won't even slow you.

Rush everything without fear lol, so lame.

I guess only act 4 succubus with elite terror fiend could give you a worthy fight.
Assuming soft-core for a moment, up to what MP level would you estimate invincibility?
I would guess mp4 and above get..... challenging..... LOL
Actually I DO approve IK set but for real MP10 immortality you need something like

The IK set bonuses with perma beserker and therefore CC immunity - combined with huge life steal and rend bloodlust spam - means you can tank any affix on any MP level, in any desecration etc - wth zero fury issues ever.

For extra tankiness you can swap kill spree for warcry impunity and brawler for superstition. You then need very few rends to keep you up.
Well for mp it all about dps, if you can move you can't die. It just to easy, if whirlwind dps was higher maybe it could be good on mp6 and more.

This is not tank spec but hardcore solo farm and it can't be stop, to much healing fury.

With current dps it scale well on mp3-4. End act boss, or extra health take to much time with those low dps skill.

Barbarian are just to easy to play. That why i posted that, i was dodging wasp as usual when i noticed that i could take em all without a dent. My mage is pissed :P

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