Goodbye, my dear, sweet Ice Climbers

wow, gz if u sold it for $250.
imo 280+int, 150+int, 12% ms is gonna be much better for ros, cos most likely u won't be using pants/bracers with ms on ros, n I don't think anyone wanna waste paragon points on ms. :)

nvm im blind.. didn't c the ms til later..
02/03/2014 02:13 PMPosted by Jaetch
When I first set my eyes on you in March 2013, I knew you were the one. Number one, for that matter. You were the only pair of boots in the entire world not named Zunimassa's Trail that was ranked so high on the DiabloProgress item charts that nothing else mattered.

You were so close to perfection. Perfect movement speed. Perfect vitality. Perfect life bonus. 7 intelligence away from perfect. 2 points of AR from perfect. Yes, your armor roll was a little further off (85 points from max), but at least it was better than say... thorns. And I didn't care about your cold resistance. I was a full-time Archon wizard running 2 million EHP, I didn't care about how much Frozen blobs hurt.

Anyway, you're so perfect and our time together outlasted all my other pieces of gear. Though toward the latter months you sat in my stash, only seeing action when I switched to a SNS build (because your EHPness is amazing), I still treated you with the utmost respect.

However, as we transition to Loot 2.0 and Diablo III's first expansion, Reaper of Souls, it pains me to say that our time together has ended. While our separation cost me monetarily, the memories from the past 11+ months we share are priceless. I pray the next pair of feet you envelop will smell just as nice as mine.

Goodbye, my dear, sweet Ice Climbers.

Good riddance my stinky footed friend.
Figures you would show up here to tout me once more. Was I just your trophy Jae? Your D-PROG trophy? Well, this ship has sailed honey. And believe me, I wish did have more cold reduction for your sick, sadistic bravado.
Your bawdy behavior at BlizzCon showing up in stilettos...rly Jae?
I sat in your stash so alone, so cold, shivering, wondering?... I asked, hey what's up? 2-months it's me, not you...then the finding my inner wizard bs you threw at childish.
The feet that breath within my ice threads now, is like a cloud of atomized roses next to your mustard gas aroma.

So long,

Ice Climbers
aww your baby has left the nest...hope the new owner has foot spray :P

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