Idea: synergie monk combos

So the combo idea was originally good, in theory... Do first strike from combo 1, do second strike from combo 2 and finish whith a good final from combo 1 or 2 (choose your best).

But in practice, you just spam 3 strikes from one combo; why ? Maybe because your attack speed is just to high and its just insane to click like a fool on two combos at the same time, or you just don't bother because you feel that your combo skill is just the best (who said Thunderclap?).

New Idea: So now what if we try some synergies?

Strike 1 crippling wave, Strike 2 deadly reach, Strike 3: fusion of the 2 previously used combo doing a big effect : Large Aoe around the Monk.
Example: deadly reach= long distance, crippling wave= aoe, final effect= Long distance Aoe around the monk.

4 skill combo, chose 1 and you've got 3 others to synergy with: 4x3= 12 final fusion effect.

I maybe done some mistakes (from France).

I was playing today and noticed that you can combo attacks.

I can thunderclap to a group of enemies use then follow up with 2 different attacks.

I liked to get things that boosted my damage, helped alot when using a shield to up damage. You have to use the passive that gives you 8%damage for 3 seconds for each different spirit generating skill you use plus their is a rune for deadly strike where the 3rd strike increases your damage by a certain percantage...I want to say somewhere around 5% for 15second, then the mantra that increases damage taken by opponents by 24%(rune) . 2nd strike crippling wave(breaking wave10% damage to all enemies hit by attack for 3 seconds).

So thats 63% extra for 3 seconds after each combo(3 different strikes from 3 different spirit generating skills), which would give you enough to drop a bell(this is very useful is pvp as well due to starting at low spirit).

With stone of Jordan and certain gear you could get damage to Elites bonus on average up to 35%, so thats 98%+ extra damage. Then you drop a bell for 1200% weapon damage after damage stacks or SSS for 2000% damage and no one can survive, if you have 180dps you can drop a tanky barb even when using a shield, and most the time against other people you don't have to drop a bell or SSS, you will finish them off with the third strike(the Rune for 100fist that deals 100% holy damage over time is really good).

And if need be if !@#$ gets serious against a player put on blinding flash that grants 30%(i think) damage for 3(again I think, I haven't been playing a monk for a while and still testing things out)seconds.

And get a high crit chance to put on that rune that gives you a chance ot dodge by 30% of your CC, 10% or higher with average CC. That way you can drop your Mantra of evasion for the extra damage one.

Also test out all the different spirit generating skills and 1 very powerful attack or maybe another depending on how you play, I actually had a lot of fun doing. Just set them on the numbers 1 2 3 4 as your spirit generating skills, Left Click(your powerhouse skill, (bell SSS), RightClick (Mantra, keep reactivating it to get 48% you will be generating sufficient amounts of spirit to do it and if you can't just change a skill around to generate more spirit for each enemy hit by critical hits(deadly reach is 10, Wave is 5).
i'll try that thx.

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