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Hi all.

I've recently decided to get into the Diablo novels, starting off with the Sin War series. Coincidentally I discovered that the Storm of Light had just been released.

What really entices me about this book is that I really like Diablo 3 and its lore, and I'm looking forward to RoS a lot. This book sounds like the perfect thing to read before RoS comes out.

However, I'm afraid that my experience with the book might not be the best if I haven't read the rest of the novels, or that reading this book now will make it a bit less ideal to read the rest of the books afterwards.

What I wish to know is to what extent reading Storm of Light now will affect the continuity of reading through the rest of novels chronologically. If the story is somewhat concentrated around the events of Diablo 3 and RoS, without really benefiting of having read preceding novels, then I'd definitely want to jump on that now.

I'd love to hear some input from the novel veterans in here. :)
finished reading SoL recently, and have read and own most other diablo lore books.
SoL didnt really seem connected or affected to the other books really, and it was a very entertaining story. All the info you need for it are in D3V. I would say read it first if you like, so you can get the story before RoS is released, then read the Sin Wars and other stories later to catch up on the backstory.
If you are into it, I would also recommend the book of cain and the book of tyreal. Short easy reads with cool art thrown in. They help fill in allot of side info and story gaps and stuff for the games without going in depth and spoiling anything. They are also from the perspective of the corresponding characters, so its a cool read. Getting in their heads a little.
I personally liked some of the tidbits in the Diablo Archive, and the story in The Order was entertaining as well. The sin wars didnt thrill me too much outside of getting some extra info you would otherwise miss.

good luck and enjoy!
Thank you for the info! :D I'll go ahead and read SoL as soon as it comes out then.

Yeah, I was tempted to check out Bookf of Cain and Book of Tyrael as well. What made me hesitate is that Vaeflare mentions in another topic ( that it's a good read if you don't mind spoilers, without going into detail about what those spoilers really are about. I was afraid they might be spoilers about other novels. I'd love to know details about this as well. :)
well, there where a few things mentioned in the two that had been involved in some of the other stories. but its mostly tie ins and general lore more then spoiling anything really.
its personal preference for what order you read them in really, but i wouldnt worry about getting any huge spoilers.
(there is one spoiler that does come to mind though, in book of tyreal, they give up some of the details for the ending of the book The Order. so you might want to read The Order first, if your planning on it. but the book of cain didnt have anything that i noticed.)
Alright, cool. I've got a pretty good idea of how I want to approach this series of novels now. Thank you once again. :D
I have the storm of light and diablo 3 the order. I'm currently reading the order before I start storm of light. I work a lot and don't have a lot of time extra so its taking a bit longer than I expected. I can't stop playing the game hardly long enough to read lol. But I just thought I'd share so far I am enjoying the diablo books and look forward to getting more . Picked both up at Barnes and noble .

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