Could use some advice

Just got back into the game, and I really have no idea what to do. If anyone could maybe point me towards the right direction in terms of what gear to upgrade or leave. Also was wondering if WW barb is still the number one build to go with, I'm really just looking to farm elites/bosses. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks!
I think you are doing pretty good with some nice pieces. I have a few suggestions that might help if you want to farm elites/bosses:

1) AR is low. I suggest increasing it about 140 to get +500 or higher.
2) Attack speed is low. If I counted correctly, you are at +25% IAS. I suggest trying to get that to +42% or higher.
3) Bloodthirst is not needed. I see 4.6% on your Skorn and this gives another 3% for a total of 7.6%. Increasing 1 and 2 above would really make it easier to change this passive to another (brawler maybe?)

So, what to change to get what is needed? This is totally a preference and budget question.
1) I would change helm to Mempo of Twilight. This increases Attack speed and gives All Resist. A Mempo with Crit Chance is best, but they are fairly expensive.
2) Similar IK Gloves with Attack Speed, Crit chance and CHD would be ideal. Expensive.
3) Possible belt swap. I have liked Witching Hour for the DPS, but find I do better with my IK Belt. It would add AR, Increase Fury, life steal, and a barb specific item. Those last 3 are not comparable when looking at the belts. I suggest trying it and see if you like it.

Hope this helps!
Thanks! Was wondering should I keep using skorn or dual wield?

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