Should I spend my money now or wait for ROS?

I've been gone for quite a while and came back about a month ago. I've got about 60mil and I was trying to gear up enough to farm MP10 to paragon 100.

I'm trying to decide if I should spend my money on trying to achieve that ( was looking at hota with skorn ) and it looks like I'll need quite a few IAS upgrades to achieve it not to mention the -HoTA stuff.

I was also wondering if maybe there was a build that my current gear is better suited towards and I could go in that direction. I'm currently looking over FrontSquats under 10mil guide to see if that's something I could achieve.

Thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
60m wont take you anywhere bro.. maybe ask Anwin#6258 he can help.
Yea, I kind of figured it wouldn't do much. I was hoping maybe there were a few key pieces I could replace that would tie it all together into something better. I was looking at bouncing around a few pieces with more ias hoping that hitting higher breakpoints would make a large difference.
Ok fix your rings first get:

budget about 5-15m on each
OS....if budget allows
forget about any ehp stat (ar,vit,etc)

do your homework and reaserch the bp's so you know how much IAS you need.

Drop your BT pants:

budget 20-30m
Inna's pants
Double Vit roll
stick to 8%IAS for bugeting (make sure you get the required IAS on rings for bp purposes)

Fix your build:!ZYg!ZZZZYc

Learn it, practice, and master it. Then you can play around other builds.

Do this first before moving on to fixing other gears. Go!
I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

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