Tank Barb MP10 help

Please help me... I want to see what it takes to make an MP10 tank barb.

Unfortunately it will probably be close to when RoS drops for me to get to that level I think. But I want to know what it takes. I want to make an MP10 barb in hc especially. I think it would be awesome to tank ubers on MP10 and just be like "yeah !@#$%, you hit me"... help me out please.

Or should I just wait till RoS?
since no more reroll
so horrible
your barb look good bro.. BEAST!
People often equate tank with low damage and high armor. But D3 (vanilla anyway) doesn't work like that. The key to survival is outhealing whatever damage is done to you. So barbs generally stack enough vit to survive the big hits, high dps, and life steal. The same principle applies in hc, though you want to be a little more defensive there.
I personally like dbl res items and triple res items and a few vitality pieces in rare circumstances u can get trifecta tank/dps items. As far as tanking with impunity goes i roll with 1030 res all and 1395 arc res and around 15% life steal this helps with real difficult elites and still kick out 350k dps per sec with an avg atk spd of 2.30 a sec life steal alone ive seen 200k with addition to revenge in near 500k crit and overpower at about 300k so that adds up quickly for tank dps. to help with your avg monsters i have high dps items on stand by in back pack takes only a few secs to switch and crank out higher 700kdps to mow through them. so all in all i think keeping two gear types in pack is the way to go for a barb without being fully commited to one or the other..

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