upgrade my monk gear

Im looking to upgrade my gear but im not sure where to start. Im looking for more vitality but i dont want to lose much, if any, dps as its not the best as is. When i compare my gear to others that are better than mine, they would cost me 200mil+ on the ah and i just dont have that much to spend.
In my opinion, your life is OK and will get better as you level, but your resists are terrible. That is the real problem. You need to add another 150 resist all. Here is what I would do.

* Roll crafted bracers with resist all, arcane, or both. This could take a while, but the pay off is worth it
* Stacked resists on VW shoulders. Yes, you will lose life, but you will gain mitigation and EHP and probably DPS too.
* Replace the unity with a good rare ring with arcane resist and vita or life%

That will fix your resists with the least impact. I would then drop Resolve passive, as it is basically terrible for any build except support.
I have another noob question I guess...sorry to the player below to commandeer your thread...but it may help your quest to strengthen your monk.

Can anyone tell me, from your experiences, if 3.00 life convert (life steal) stat on a rare sword with a decrease in crit damage (from 169 to 141 total crit dog on the sword swapping with my current fist weapon) worth the sacrifice? I currently have 2.60 life convert. It would increase to 3.00 life convert if I make the switch.

BTW, I would drop from 153K DPS to 150 DPS with the crit dmg decrease...

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
You are asking if a 15% increase in your sustain is worth losing 2% DPS. The answer is absolutely yes. You can always get more DPS elsewhere, but LS is only coming from one place, your weapons.
Appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

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