Monk class build diversity?

So this weekend I finished my 3rd P100 toon, now 2 barbs and 1 wiz. Then I got to thinking, why not check out the Monk forum (better late than never in these waning moments in the history of D3V).

I’ve only just started to scratch the surface, but reading the stickys and watching videos I get the sense that there may be more potential Monk build diversity than, say, wiz or barb? Not that they have more or fewer skills (obviously) but that there may be more than just two (or three) ways to build a Monk “correctly.” Anyone else feel this way from experience (which I don’t have) or is it just my naiveté, only having studied the class casually for a very few short hours.

I’d be very interested in the perspective of any Monk forum regulars who’d care to comment, especially those of you who have some experience with wizard and/or barb too.

Hi there :) I have a pl100 with almost every class. Lazily working on my last one now. I also play every class in hardcore as well. I pretty much have ran every build and tried to experiment with every skill with every class.

When it comes to build diversity I'd say the WD has the most viable options with Monk very close behind. Compared to Barbs and Wizards, Monks have significantly more options.

Take some of the popular MP10 Monk builds for some example... [Nirvana] [TR+EP+Bells] [ZDS] [Speed Palm] [Tri Gen] [Cookie Bells] [Duo Gen Bells]

All the above are MP10 viable and allow for many different styles of play. Also this is far from a comprehensive list.
Relentless, Thanks very much!
Too bad there's so little time left... but hopefully more fun on to be had on other side, in RoS.
I wouldn't say wizards are that far behind monks to be honest. Wizards have archon and sns of course, but there's also meteor, sleetstorm, arcane mines and all their variants, which are also mp10 capable.
True enough I use a variant of sleet storm and play with other wiz who use arcane mine builds. I think the notion that wiz and barb don't have many viable specs is due to CM and into the fray. There were certainly many other viable builds for both of those classes. I personally use a cleave build with rend and WW as support and it does massive damage when cleaving through 10+ mobs.

The monk has a ton of viable builds and variations once you understand how to balance DPS mobility, healing and regen requirements. I think that's true of many classes, but the monk more so than most.

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