quick upgrade

Looking for 1 or 2 upgrades I can make to get a big bump to DPS, some more LS and perhaps some resistance too. I have a budget of about 12.8 million. Any suggestions are welcomed!
12.8 million isn't much, although luckily your still at a level where you can probably find upgrades very cheaply. If you could save up 100mil or so you could probably double your DPS.

For now, a witching hour belt with dex and your owe resist would probably be the fastest/cheapest way to add substantial DPS--should be able to find one for under 5 mil, and possibly under 2 mil. You could make up for some of the lost vit by getting vit on innas pants and/or higher vit on innas chest (I have no idea on pricing on low end versions of these, but would just get as much vit as can afford).

After you get the witching hour and make up for the lost vit, next would look into basically any nats ring (with CC if can afford it) + nat boots with 180+ dex and 50+ owe resist. Nats combo should add substantial dps. If want to avoid nats or if cant find any in budget try zuni boots with 180+ dex.

Not sure of current pricing on low end gear but you might also be able to pick up trifecta gloves or a dex/cc/cd ammy for dirt cheap that would be upgrades to yours.

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