New monk looking for gear advice

Where can I improve? new to the game and a little confused about the different meanings
The forum sticky is awesome :) Here are a lot of links from it. [Acronyms and their meanings]

You can run MP10 for under 100K if you camp the AH. Spear-Chucker is an artist when it comes to the budget builds so look over his characters on his profile for more ideas. Check the budget gearing guides I linked below, he's the author of both.

Quick Tip: Craft, Craft, and Craft some more of all the special Archon recipes. The crafting plans are dropped in game as loot and can also be found on the AH.

The plans you want are...

Archon Gauntlets of Dexterity
Razorspikes of Dexterity
Archon Spaulders of Dexterity (and/or Vitality)
Amulet of Dexterity

Here is info on Monster Power (MP).

Here is a bunch of other good stuff :)

The "Rule of 5s" is the guideline to entry level MP10 survivability stats. The 5s are... 5%+ LS, 5K armor (w/STI passive), 50K HP, 500 res ( with or without OWE passive), 500K eHP ( is the go to site for this info).

Increase survival stats ahead of DPS stats. Get to the point you can take on elite packs without dying then work on increasing DPS to kill them fast. Then bump up the MP and start the process over again. As for the kill 'em fast part...

Try for 50CC, 500CD, and 3K+ dex. Add as much IAS as you want to get a good "feel" while attacking. Usually around 40% IAS feels right to many monks and other stats are chased after that.

A quick outline on gearing...

Check out this greatest hits of links from the forum sticky as well...

Gearing/buying guides: [200K DPS, 500K eHP] [MP10 on a Budget] [Budget Gearing]

Builds: [Nirvana] [TR+EP+Bells] [ZDS]

Max XP farming: [Solo]
you're da best. I was afraid if feeding the trolls before i posted. Thanks again
02/07/2014 05:03 AMPosted by Viv
you're da best. I was afraid if feeding the trolls before i posted. Thanks again

why do you bother with gear now? Just wait for RoS come out and play; doesn't matter how much you gear up now, once ROS release, your gears will be come trahses

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