To Craft in Loot v1.0 or ROS?

So I have a decent amount of Demonic Essences stored. Also a fair number of Hellfire Organs acquired. Should craft my mats now? Or wait till ROS and then have to get store up the common debris and other mats to craft?

ah just saw that you cant enchant legazy ish on ROS. mmmmmmm?????
I would hold off on crafting Tranq. Better rolls in RoS.

Also don't worry too much about the legacy non-enchantable thing. Loot 2.0 is very different in some key areas to our current gear and enchanting loot 1.0 stuff just highlights the differences and was causing big balancing issues. Overall loot 2.0 is much more interesting and an improvement. Hidden damage and eHP is in, and the old trifecta and LS=Immortal is out.
Keep in mind we PROBABLY won't be able to enchant any new loot immediately anyways, and the newest 'pass' of crafting material cost has bumped forgotten souls back into the requirements for Amulets of Dex, and 15/10/5 common debris are required for the archon armors, which severely puts a limit on the amount of crafts you can do without farming anyways.

Hellfire Rings, however - are the only 'safe' bet to really craft in RoS I think right now. They already roll a legendary + secondary + mainstat affix, so your chance to get at least 3 other primaries is pretty good.

So right now I'm thinking
Hellfires - Craft in 2.0 to enchant
A.Chest (2) - craft in 2.0 - they always seem to roll a Monk skill % damage
A.Gloves (10) - craft in 1.0
A.Bracers (15) - highest debris cost, but most interesting 2.0 affix improvements... I say 2.0!
A.Shoulders (5) - craft in 2.0 - also get good affix tables - CDR/RCC/AD

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