I feel for you guys

Has there ever even been a blue response for your brawling forum?
No, but we did get a sticky made with enough pushing; the one and only non-default sticky for this thread.
Wow I play this game and didn't even realize PvP was a thing. I remember them talking about it a bunch back in the day. I figured it just never happened.
jay wilsoned . *grabs nuts*
Yeah, Blizz definitely doesn't care about PvP if they're too lazy to even muster a response. It's kind of sad, really, but guess they'll just have to learn the hard way; people will start leaving the game a couple months into RoS.
PvP got dumped for Heros. Pretty easy to see they decided to go for a FTP micro transaction game instead.
I think the reason they don't reply is because they have no clue on how they can balance all the characters... That's why arena was scrapped. They're not going to invest time into PVP if its broken. :-(

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