Low Level Dueling

Any llders out there? If so what are the levels at which you play? I may be getting back into lld a bit :) vlld is prob my fav, but last I checked all you had to do was play monk and win.
Yes I used to lld on diablo 2 and trying to get into lld in this but its hard as nobody plays lld never mind randoms in a dueling game, made a lvl20 full str ww barb but every game i go into nobody is there.
there was some lld at lvl 30 before loot 2. Dont think there was any other lld level caps,
Awhile back i made a video of low lvl pvp with some friends kinda like twinking
with best gear at low lvls and onw wanna take on my lvl 10 DH good luck

(PVP VIDEO)> > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4n-PWRmAs4

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