[ATTENTION] Extended Maintenance - 2/25/2014 - Complete

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Swell, another 5 hours of waiting. It is almost 1:00PM EST here. Means that it will be 6:00 PM EST time when it will go back live (3:00PM PST).
Darn! I've just started playing D2 again!
Hahaaaaa! Now I simple HAVE to check out this patch!

Haven't touched the PTR so I hope there's enough to surpise me.

Judgement day is coming Blizz... and that day starts the moment the servers on EU are up. A fresh reboot. And I'll name my first char 'Dredd'.
02/25/2014 09:48 AMPosted by Lux
You are correct-there is no such thing as 13:00PM.
1:00 is 1:00 AM
13:00 is 1:00 PM
Can't wait need my D3 fix already!

Neither can I. I have my d3 spreadsheet ready for it.
Can someone please please please link me patch notes. I have no idea what they are patching!
Damn people tomorrow is another day, The game will still be here.Probably a good time to clean the snot and booger's off your mouse and keyboard's kiddies. Grow a pair!!!
na na na na! na na na na! hey hey! gooooood byyyeee 1.0.8a-v. So many good times since the last patch! time to create more once Sanctuary is nice and updated.
Ok so around 5 hours from now is when the servers will be back up if I calculated the time right.
Could we at least change the link for the patch notes to point to the new notes? All I get is the1.08 stuff.
Seems Malthiel was let loose on Blizzard servers while they were deploying patch 2.0.1.
Tyrael was on a coffee break having a KitKat chunky, and the Mercs were raiding the Cookie Jar.

That should of been Blizzards response, anyhow have a good day and please be patient patch 2.0.1 is comming very soon.
02/25/2014 09:53 AMPosted by Nemoch
Can someone please please please link me patch notes. I have no idea what they are patching!

Go read the stickied patch notes in the PTR forum. Pretty much covers all the changes
about to take place on live up to the last PTR patch.
Chill out.
We Europeans have to wait until Wednesday....and since I have to work, I can't play until tomorrow night.

So, yeah: ~24hrs waiting time for me :/
02/25/2014 09:45 AMPosted by Warddogg
OMG YOU GUYS!!!!! You brought out loot 2.0 before shutting down the Auction House..... You guys never seize to surprise the HELL-O out of me... :-) ... I am so excited that it's not even funny.....

You do realize that BOA will be in effect, right?
Great, everytime i take a break from this game then come back there is always a patch but now its re configuring my files. After OVER and hour it is playable but only halfway done. Even though it says it will take MAX an hour. Then I log on and they are doing maintenance. Blizzard I love this game but I am starting to go back to torchlight 2 for being able to play when I want.
Also to all you people saying being patient understand this is not an MMO. We should be able to play when we want. I have no problems waiting for updates but now I can't play in till 5:00pm my time because they are doing Maintenance? I have a life and can not play games all day. I am absolutely sick and tired of playing on Blizzards time and not my own. Now I have the new Client and it wont even log me in because it is Attempting to Wake up lol. So I cant even finish the download of new files. Plus they are adding about 14gb's to my hardrive. I am a pc gamer and have over 1tb of memory between two hard drives but this is getting crazy. Anyways Blizzard see you next month.
02/25/2014 09:42 AMPosted by Khaoz
02/25/2014 09:35 AMPosted by intrus0x9
Just a hint - not meant in a negative way at all - but you are on the US forums! I assume you're in Europe based on your time? I believe the Europe servers are on a different patch schedule anyway...

I'm on South America, so I play on 'Americas' server, therefore I visit this forum. It's GMT -3 here. I believe it's not AM on US east as well, right?
As I said, just a hint, never meant to be negative!! In my job, in the communication tips, they say to you to never write something with 'good morning/afternoon' because you don't know 'when' people will actually read it. ^_^

Hey Khaoz you are in a time zone that I am interested in having in my clan.
Are you a HC player ?
If not and you're interested in a transition? we will help you out.
I am planning on creating a clan that has members within multiple time zones so it has activity 24/7.

The clan will include sharing drops in game since accounts are BOA with a in clan loot system rule to ensure drops are fair.

ex) if you had 2barbs in a game and one player got 2 drops , he would be obliged to share one of those drops(so long as they are upgrades for both) to ensure fun and fair play amongst eachother.

This is for mature players only and this is not for everyone. I have always enjoyed sharing my wealth and in return increasing gameplay value for all parties.

Get ahold of me in game
add me on steam @ protonson
email me at eth.lizee@yahoo.com

either way works and if anyone else finds themselves interested in what I had to say then please feel free to contact me as well.

Mature & honest players welcome as this clan will consist of alot of my friends list of whom I have been playing with for a long time in many different time zones since I work shift work days & nights so was able to acquire a good core group of players at all times.
Whats getting me is people getting hyped over 2.0.1 yes its a upgrade from vanilla but if you played the PTR of ros your pretty much going to be playing the same thing which ive done and wasnt excited. Im waiting for ROS RETAIL for sure..
i bet it's the act 5 cinematic... lol.
Anyone reluctant to play on HC for the first night? I am...
When you use the 24 hour time frame (like 1500, etc) there's no am or pm.

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