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I have a 2009 27inch iMac and a 2010 13inch Macbook Pro. However, I found both of them have problem with freezes that required hard restart. I just want to know if it is hardware problem or it is Blizzard problem with Mac IOS. I usually get about 2-3 hrs playing time before I have to do a hard restart.
This problem has not been resolved yet. Still happening, sadly.
Im having the same issue in entering the game...

MacBook Pro 15" (2011)
Processor 2 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB
Software OS X 10.9.2
I am having the same issue, both on a 2012 iMac as well as a brand new late 2013 MBP. When i played last year on the iMac i had no issue, now diablo freezes on both computers. This is BS and needs to be addressed! It looks like there are a huge amount of us mac users that are having severe issues.
Having the same exact issue, happens after some hours gaming. I play on Mac Mini 2013.
My game never has a "hard freeze", but I may be one of the few who play D3 in a window. My D3 crashes often though, which I think is what others are experiencing too, but since mine isn't run full screen, I don't need to do a hard reboot.

Anyway, I literally just had my D3 crash when entering a new game.

Reproduced simply by:
• Launch D3
• Press "Start new game"
• Watch crash

No character switching, looking at anything else, etc.

Please note that this doesn't always happen. Right after my D3 crashes, I launch it again and sometimes can get into a game, but sometimes it crashes again.
having the same issue. Game freez during loading. Joining game, going to town. Do fix this.
Same crash problem for me, but mine seems more specific to entering Rifts. Late 2012 MBP, 8 gigs of RAM that ran Vanilla fine for years. Did an uninstall and reinstall after RoS came out.

Force Quitting does work for me if I hold it down for several seconds.
I have the same Problem under a Macbook Pro Retina End 2013
I have the same issue which is very frustrating. Hope they fix this soon.
I stopped playing for several months waiting for a fix, I updated yesterday and tried to play again, same thing! I bought the expansion pack and tried again, same thing! I used to love to play this game, I guess I have to buy a PC? This is still an issue after all this time?
Hey guys, I don't know if any of yall still care or even look at this thread but I had the same problems yall did so I used the online chat with someone from BLIZZARD and they helped me, the way to fix it(or at least mine) is to go to the launcher go to the Diablo 3 part and click the options cog wheel above it, then click Scan and Repair. It will scan your game the it will start a repair cycle and after that my game worked perfectly! Hope someone sees this and I hope it helps!

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