All legendary weapons should have a socket

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Now that all legendaries are bound, there is absolutely no reason to keep having these worthless legendary weapons that could potentially be good. Before, there was the AH, and having a socket or not would change the rarity of the weapon and make sure some sell for significantly more than others. It sucked, but there was an argument to be made in favor of having just a few be really good (have a socket). Now we're farming for our own gear upgrades and a socket is mandatory for a good weapon. We should be excited when we see a weapon drop and see it as a potential upgrade, instead of a "oh well, it's most likely to not have a socket" kind of disappointment. Legendary drop should mean excitement, not disappointment. Blizzard seems only to have partially grasped this.
03/08/2014 05:04 AMPosted by Ciopenhauer
, there is absolutely no reason to keep having these worthless legendary weapons

Ya, there is. If every weapon has a socket, then you will gather the best weapon alot easier, then you will be back here whining that there's absolutely no reason to even have weapon drops because every weapon that drops is almost exactly like the one you have so you are not even going to bother picking them up anymore.

You point out that you should be excited when we see a weapon drop as a potential upgrade, but if every weapon has a socket this kills the excitement much sooner because the socket is no longer special, so now are you gonna be excited that the weapon might have 2 more dmg?

Also, with ROS comes the enchantress that can reroll something into a socket, so until then, whine on!
Yes, I would be happy to try to find better rolls on them, it's not a problem. Why wouldn't I? It's way better than not having a socket. Having the legendary weapon that you want drop is rare enough that when it drops you should be happy about it, not disappointed because it didn't roll a socket. Mathematically, I'm sure you could farm for a year 6 hours a day and not have the weapon you want drop. Having the enchantress possibly reroll one is good though, I wasn't aware of that.
/tinfoil hat
Blizzard purposely does this so that you can save your best weapons NOW and buy RoS to upgrade a useless affix into a socket with the mystic LATER. It's RoS bait... they want you to bite!

on topic: I agree they should appear on every weapon or have the ability to be put on weapons/armour. I been sayin it since May 2012.
mystic, u will be able to add a socket
Makes a lot of sense, gudmugly. A bit of a shame, really.

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