[NEW] 3/13 - Issues Creating Game / Latency Reports

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So far so good. Thx for the fix.

I hope you guys at Blizzard are prepared for RoS.
I hope we won't have issues worse than this at launch.
RoS may be a disaster
03/13/2014 06:53 PMPosted by JROK
lol they cant even keep there server up how they going to make a offline mode lol

you just proved my point. if they can't even keep their server up why not?
Stell having issue of create a new game
still cant make games
How has this been fixed?
Jesus Christ.
As of **UPDATE** 6:55pm PDT:

I am still having game creation issues. I closed out my client, reopened and still could not create a game.
For 3 days now the lack has been super bad, I don't see problems with my end I have no problems steaming HD movies
I too seem to have trouble creating games. Works less than half the time. Usual experience is works nearly 100% of the time.
still cant get into a game
Still broken. As per usual
Who's in charge here?

Is this for real ? You cant even make a single player game? Cmon stop with that and MAKE IT WORK !
Sadly 1/4 game i create works ... that sucks!
I am no longer experiencing this problem at the moment, Thank you blue!
Having very bad latency. And just started having the failure to create game issue.
RoS is doomed to fail, im guna buy just to watch it suc balls

and I feel obligated to d2 lol
I'm sure Blizzard is just as tired of this as we are.

"Sir, massive reports of high latency and the inability to make new games has the entire community on the offense. What would you like to do?"

Supervisor: "...!@#$, here we go again. Awkwardly redirect the attention to elsewhere while we stand around and say a potential fix will be happening soon."

"Sir... we do that so often even I feel uncomfortable doing that to them."

Supervisor: "These players are unbearable! They all want Offline mode and instant gratification. Can't please them all. Have they not heard of a book? Now get back to resolving the problem, I don't pay you to gawk at me."
Unable to make a game still.
Can't join or create games...

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