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Just tried creating a game. Got the loading screen for about a minute, then back to the character select screen with a "network disconnect" error.
been having issues for the last hour can't make games and it is laggy still!
Today was the first I have had trouble. Still lagging and hard to get a game going.
Wasn't working, I closed game, logged out of battle net from the launcher, logged back in and it worked fine.
still having issues.... my clan mates arent though.
Got to play one game after restarting client, but now it's not working again
Same for me as well. Restarting, rebooting machines/routers has no effect. It seems some are fine logging in, playing, and/or creating games but the majority of people are having issues.

I ran a few tracerts from my machine and it appears there is some packet loss happening from my client machine to their server(s).

Provider: Comcast
Region: Seattle\Greater Seattle Area
Still having issues creating game, on the East Coast of Canada
I just played fine in a private game for about 15 mins, then left to remake on a different level and now cant join any game
can't join or create games at all.
Last I remember I paid for a game and it is supposed to work. Do your job ffs, if I did work this terrible I would be embarrassed and homeless. Considering you made over a billion last year it may be a good idea to invest back into your products, this is shameful.
03/13/2014 06:53 PMPosted by Araxom
Hi all, please retest and update the thread if you continue to have issues creating games or are experiencing severe latency. Thank you!

I have found a work around that I have been using that gets me into game but I am still experiencing lag issues.

What I do is exit game and restart. This allows me to get into a game. When complete a run I again exit game and restart it.

So something that might help you as devs narrow down what the issue is I would suggest looking at what file might be created from quitting a game without exiting game. A file that is not created when you actually exit game completely or a file the game deletes when you restart completely.

Just a suggestion that I hope helps you out.
I was in a game, no lag, had to stop for 10 minutes, now can't get it.
Intermittently able to enter games alternating with network disconnects.
Unable to join my friends game. unable to start my own game.
Thank you for your reports everyone, we appreciate it!
Finally loaded in took 38 tries..... Finished a CotA tried reloging and nothing
I was able to create a new game for myself. Then tried to join someone else's game...and disconnected. Then I could not even create a game for myself.

Time for ice cream.

Then time.....for Dark Souls 2.
7:18 pdt still cant not get into public game. verizon fios LA
After many tries I get into games but they are laggy. I tried the restart method as well.

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