[NEW] 3/13 - Issues Creating Game / Latency Reports

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All good now, for me anyway

Right on, trying it out now. Thanks for letting us know
i played just fine for a good hour decided to make a new toon now can't create a game again what in the hell is going on?
able to get in a game now but the lag is the worst I've seen in a long time...almost unplayable
I am still having this issue.
cant create game on Americas, but the Asia server works fine
I see Americas chat and friends, select resume game, starting game red gems tick across and then disconnect
Forgot to post. Issue resolved for me about an hour ago. Danke, Blizzard.
Have you checked to see if the power cord is in properly i just watched an episode of south park and that was the problem, no need to thank me just doin what i can =)
Still unable to get in a game.
same here, can't create game
Yes it seems to work in waves. For awhile I could create games. Now I'm like 1 for the last 6 in creating games.
The game have been out for 2 years and you all been playing intensly for all that time. mostly day 1.

you are all going to buy RoS even if you tell blizzard you wont youve all preordered.

all this time things are going mostly fine since "your still here"

now something goes wrong for a single day. and you all cry like theres no tomorrow and crush blizzard with all the worst shizzle you can immagine.

too bad i am not high ranked at blizzard. i would refund all of you + IP ban you. only to have mature people left in the game.

you are all pathetic and immature. all 25 pages of you !

This is one of the most autistic things i've ever read.
You should be proud.

I think you mean asinine, no autistic person would say something so retarded (play on words, don't judge me too harshly)
Me and my buddy kept trying and it took a couple tries before it suddenly worked, so if you can't create a game, my advice would be to just keep trying to start a game
Now I remember why I stopped playing blizzard games.

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