Will You make a male or female crusader? And why?

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LOL Angel :P
Female, because I always play a female whenever possible.
Because... Why would I play a guy?
Lol! At the responses on this thread! :P

Basically this:

03/14/2014 02:54 AMPosted by BlackKnight
I usually make male characters in games as I see the character as an avatar of me. It's meant to represent me. That's just the way I see it, so it feels strange to me playing a female character.

Except I'll be making female characters. I still haven't made any hardcore characters yet :/ Getting around to it soon™ ; )
I'll make a male Crusader. It's more fitting to me for the class. I'll probably have both at some point though.
I will be rolling a male Crusader. I don't play all male or all female anything. I do it on a case by case basis. My Demon Hunter is female because my mind was made up on that when I saw the class trailer (CG) and I think it looks better. But anything with heavy armor and a shield, in my mind, has to be male.
Lol, it's turned into a "You're gay!" " No, you're gay!" !@#$fest.. Typical..
Male tanks are boring.

As for the whole avatar thing, that is entirely up to the player. I don't put myself into the character's shoes. I prefer if they are distanced from myself. Their different personality, experiences and perspective from my own is what helps keep them interesting.
Female. Nicer to look at for hours on end .
Of course male. The only one female character I played was Wizard only because both options looked equally feminine.
Female characters are played by the same people who imagine themselves on female's place when they are watching po#n. Of course doctors say that such imagination is not gay, but you will probably not say your fantasies aloud.
I'll be creating one of each, for both HC and SC. Didn't make a female Barb because I thought she looked worse than an Amazon. They also could have done something better with the Witch as well. With my extra slot I will most likely level a female Monk. The perky "I'm so proud of myself" attitude of the female WZ was the best IMO.
03/14/2014 02:44 AMPosted by Angelistic

Since it is nearly time for ROS YAYYYYYY I thought I would make a post in respect to crusader. So I ask my fellow diablo players will you make a female crusader or male? What is your reason for such decision? Am not sure yet but am defo going to make a crusader :)

Definitely male, the only class that I made a female was DH, because DH's just seem like they are girls. Well I guess I did make a female barb, but it's just a mule..
03/14/2014 03:56 AMPosted by Agalloch
In any sort of RPG game, and Diablo 3 is an action RPG, my avatar is going to reflect myself. I'm not a woman, why would I make my avatar as one?

This is the key thing.

I don't see the characters I play in RPGs as "my avatar" or a representation of me. I see them as a character in a movie or book that I'm observing/controlling from an outside viewpoint. A playing piece that I'm moving around on a game board.

So, yeah - as a het guy who really likes kick-butt Action Girl characters in TV/movies/books (Xena, Buffy, Sydney Bristow, etc), I tend to pick the female character in a game when given the option.

Because it's not "me."

Eh, whatever.

So, yeah - if I pick up ROS, I'll be running a female crusader.
03/14/2014 02:51 AMPosted by MajorEpeen
Female. All my chars are female. Muscular men is not my thing.

Are you fooking your D3 characters?
Both because I plan on making one of each gender for each character
Probably both since I have played as both with all 5 other classes.
No need for people to insult each other over the preferred sex of their video game character.
I play with a char that represents a transposition of myself in every aspect: genre and characteristics. Being a male, I always play with male chars, cause I want to feel like am really playing and living there. That reflects classes too. In D3 my favorites classes are the Wizard, the Crusader and the Monk. (played the Witch Doctor on PS3 and really liked it).

Maybe, I'll give the other classes (in their female side?) a try just to reach lvl60 and complete achievements.

Even if there's the chance about stating that playing a genre over the other and vice-versa is to compensate or strengthen its own straightness or whatever.. it's just silly to even propose it.
Actually, thinking further about this thread has helped me come to some realizations. Like, I've never imagined myself to be someone else/in someone else's place - not as a kid and not now. Never had any "heroes" (sports, movie, or otherwise) that I "wanted to be." If I'd been that age when Jurassic Park came out, it would have been "I want to be a peleontologist when I grow up!" not "I want to be Alan Grant!"



03/14/2014 05:17 AMPosted by vortexwolf
Female characters are played by the same people who imagine themselves on female's place when they are watching po#n. Of course doctors say that such imagination is not gay, but you will probably not say your fantasies aloud.

....do people even do that with the guy's "place"? That sounds so odd to me. Likely why the only real thought I've had about those silly "POV" videos is.... wow, that's a lousy camera angle. You know, even when I'm fantasizing in my head, it's not imagining me doing things, it's observing other people doing it?

I bet this is a factor in why I get so annoyed at all the stupid gamers whining about trivial junk "ruining their immersion". Since I basically don't experience games that way at all. Not even first person ones.
Female. My monk is male and his voice is getting to me.
I always enjoy seeing the reasons people choose to play one over the other. :)

Personally, I've been very conflicted on this. Voice is usually my deciding factor, but both Gideon Emery and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn did fantastic jobs with their respective Crusaders! On a related note, they were recently interviewed over on Blizzpro, along with our casting and voice over director Andrea Toyias and our lead writer Brian Kindregan. There's some great insight on their acting behind the Crusader (as well as some hilarious shenanigans), so do give it a watch/listen!

Back on topic, ultimately I'll end up having both, likely one for normal and one for Hardcore. But deciding which one's first? I'll be mulling on that for a while!

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