Will You make a male or female crusader? And why?

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I like how the female looks (not a huge fan of the look of the male), but judging from the gameplay preview, the male's voice is fantastic and the name I want to use for a Crusader seems more suited to a male.

So I'm still undecided ^.^ It's probably going to end up male, though, even though I really love the look of the female.
Female. All of my D3 toons are female. I guess I prefer their character models over the male ones.

In World of Warcraft, though, I have an equal mix of male and female toons, probably because there is more customization.
I wish I could hear the Femsader's lines.
Male Crusader. Already got a name for him.

Usually I have one of each gender, but the non-mules are:

Barb: M
WD: M (F on HC - this will be the main "main WD")
Monk: F
Wizard: F

Male barb is my favored char, but for some reason, I like the male DH. I don't understand why some male characters got "back problems" like DH and WD, but that's ok. I dislike the female barb (the armor doesn't fit well on her) and the male wizard (he is so annoying, imo).
Probably male, for the voice, and too many people are going to be female.
I make characters like they was in Diablo 2.
Barbarian, Sorceress, Paladin, Amazon, Druid, Necromancer and Assassin.
In Diablo 3:
Male Barbarian, female Wizard, female Demon Hunter, male Witch Doctor, male Monk and Crusader.
picking male because he actually wears a belt

not really but i am still bitter and confused over why the female cru doesn't have a belt.
Both. One gender for hardcore, one gender for softcore.
female, all my chars are female
I'll make a male crusader because of immersion. It's pretty immersion breaking to have certain parts and be missing certain parts, ya know?

Ignoring the fact I'm in the sky staring down at myself like a creep through the entire campaign, I try to maximize immersion.

The only lore friendly immersion factor would be if you're a nephalem puppet master, controlling the actions of this human thing running around in sanctuary watching above from a cloud or something...

Immersion is definitely easier in first person games. You even see youtubers get into it with the occulus rift no matter what the gender is

"Woah look at me I have !@#$!" - pewdiepie in the occulus rift
I wanted to play a female, but the character looks like she was left out in the rain. So I'm going male on this one.
I multi box 4 accounts so i will most likly keep my trend going. 2 male 2 female XD
Male because D2 Paladins and the model is fantastic. I can't play bulky armor/tank characters as females it just looks dumb.

edit - female orcs are the exception
I really don't want to have a character that looks like Brienne of Tarth, thank you very much.
Male because of Gideon Emery!
I can't decide!!!
03/14/2014 08:49 AMPosted by Nevalistis
I always enjoy seeing the reasons people choose to play one over the other. :)

Personally, I've been very conflicted on this. Voice is usually my deciding factor, but both Gideon Emery and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn did fantastic jobs with their respective Crusaders! On a related note, they were [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/13290656/crusader-voice-acting-interview-with-blizzpro-3-13-2014"]recently interviewed[/url] over on Blizzpro, along with our casting and voice over director Andrea Toyias and our lead writer Brian Kendregan. There's some great insight on their acting behind the Crusader (as well as some hilarious shenanigans), so do give it a watch/listen!

Back on topic, ultimately I'll end up having both, likely one for normal and one for Hardcore. But deciding which one's first? I'll be mulling on that for a while!

Hardcore first! Potentially more exciting if it's not old hat.
I only play male characters in video games, if a class is only female I won't play it.
Definitely a female, she's spot on every criteria. She looks battle-hardened tough, serious and cool. That's unfortunately rare for female characters in games, no way I'm passing it up. She's just the way I was envisioning it myself prior to seeing first graphics last year. Couldn't be done any better.

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