The "Which mouse do you use?" Thread

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Deathadder that I got a few years back. Still works good but I'm planning to get a Taipan to replace it soon. :D
Death Adder 2013. Also use a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard and a Razer Scarab mouse pad.
Steelseries Sensei Raw
8 year old Kensington Bluetooth Pocketmouse. Spent $20 on it.

Why on earth would you need anything other than a cheap-yet-operational three-button mouse for anything?
I use a Logitech Tracball. Laid back in my recliner, keyboard in my lap, mouse on the arm of the chair, and PC connected to 48" display. The other night I fell asleep playing. Woke up with disintegrate casting intermittently as AP regenerated lol. Fell asleep with the button held down :P
I use the Steelseries Deathwing scale mouse
Razer naga since 2011...Still works like a pro...
Logitech m705 mouse. Haven't had to change the batteries in well over a year, almost 2.
The MMO7 gaming mouse.
Logitech M515 couch mouse $15
still having problems catching it, when I do will let ya know
I've used almost every mouse there is at a competitive level. Surprisingly the best mouse i've ever used isn't a huge brand.

Roccat XTD. The most amazing mouse i've ever put my hand on.
logitech g500
good mouse
Rat 9

Its like wearing a custom fit suit.
Kensington Mouse
Roccat Kone XTD. It's just !@#$ing incredible. I can't use any non-Roccat Kone XTD mouses.

It was the only mouse that felt right after my G500 passed away. I would still buy a G700 for MMO's, but my Roccat has be beyond awesome for FPS and MOBA games, as well as Diablo.
I've been using the Saitek Cyborg RAT 7 mouses since they came out, I've never had any issues with them and they've all been great. Recently got there "Tournement Edition" mouse, which is ok - not as good as the standard RAT 7 imo. Just stripped down, lighter, and made of plastic.
Rocat Kone XTD.

Best mouse wheel ever made.
Cooler Master Storm Sentinel 2. Nice mouse, but the LCD screen goes out after a year or two of use.

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