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03/23/2014 06:07 PMPosted by owdskl
A lot of people saying Ice Climbers prevents you from being frozen, since when was this the case? All i understood was that they reduced damage from cold attacks?


2.0 Ice Climbers or Air Nubtros are BiS right now IMO.
Ahhhh! I see, mine are pre-2.0

Derpa herpa
03/23/2014 07:09 PMPosted by KevinTSmith
2.0 Ice Climbers or Air Nubtros are BiS right now IMO.

No doubt, I'm looking for IC but Nub's Air's would be just as awesome!
Just got the corruption plans (level 70 version of 7 sins)


Just have to figure out how to get an ingredient called "lyekurns DIary."

Back to D3 googleing.
read it somewhere Azmodan drops it

All over that fatty now : )
Isnt the Witching Hour our BiS belt?
03/26/2014 11:23 AMPosted by Fisten
Isnt the Witching Hour our BiS belt?

Probably, but, there are a few good belt options now which is nice. There's the one that makes you run fast, the one that buffs your armor per health globe, edps%, and the WH with nice IAS/CD paper dps....oh and the IK set belt...kinda hoping I get this one.

Well since I've been looking for the IC's I've had no luck BUT I got a Cindercoat which is nice since it altered my skills. It's also nice to hit a shrine and summon an E pack now! Just got the sword yesterday the "Fulminator". Getting there...

Seems like there's still a way to go before getting into T4 and up though.
Raekor's Set, Thunderfury. Got the chest piece so far.

03/26/2014 11:23 AMPosted by Fisten
Isnt the Witching Hour our BiS belt?

Chilanik's Chain (the movement bonus for warcry) is probably the BiS belt for groups. I've delegated myself to being everyone's ride and it has considerably sped up our farm rate, far more than a slight dps increase for myself. Other than that, set belts and the one where you get explosions for health globes have more potential imo.
For the near future, Raekor's pants so I can swap the boots for my Ice Climbers. For the long run, IK belt and boots. Also 2 more pieces of Might of the Earth would be cool.
Shard of hate
need the devestator for my barb becoz of the fire skill % to do hota/smash more efficiently.
Shard of Hate, L70 IK, Ring of Royal Grandeur.

A bunch of other items I wouldn't mind playing around with longer-term, like the new sets, Lut's, etc.
Shard to complement TF.
Quake set (1/4 found)
Charge set (2/6 found)
For me:

2 more pieces of IK set (have ik chest, but would be hard to give up cindercoat)
2.0 soj
Last piece of charge set ( chest )
Last lvl 70 piece of ik set ( has full 60 set )

And lastly....a perfect sunfury
If I have to name one, Wyrdward with good rolls. (love crowd control, and it goes great with the lightning build I have right now) Otherwise, all the good ones. Thunder Fury, Shard of Hate, Thundergod's Vigor, IK/Raekor/Earthen Might sets, SOJ, Royal Grandeur with good rolls, Andariel's, Cindercoat, etc.
Better Shard, better Wyrdwald and Raekor's pieces :)

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